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Aggressive ‘Turbo Cancers” Linked to Covid Shots

Two Video Interviews Feature Dr. Ryan Cole

Dr. Cole appeared in a short clip from Children's Health Defense and a longer-form interview on Tommy's Podcast, discussing the recent rise in cancers.

Children’s Health Defense Snippet

This quick 1 minute clip was posted on May 4, 2023.

Tommy’s Podcast

In this May 22, 2023 interview, Dr. Ryan Cole reviews how he identified his initial concerns around the Covid “vaccines”. Now, Ethical Skeptic’s research confirms those early reports on the many harms. In this conversation with Thomas Patrick Carrigan, Dr. Cole explains the immune suppression giving rise to disease and illness throughout the population.

Dr. Cole’s travels connect him to many oncologists around the world who share story after story of young patients with rare cancers, seemingly connected to the mRNA products. He continues to cry out for data examination by the public health agencies who are tasked with protecting us and reporting safety signals.

The toxic spike protein shows up in organs throughout the body in Cole’s lab slides. Tommy and Dr. Cole discuss ideas on why these mRNA products were rolled out despite their ongoing harms, and what the future may hold with this gene-based platform. They wrap up the conversation with a broader conversation around standing up to tyranny and being willing to sacrifice profits to stand on principle.

“Where’s that spirit of rebellion and that spirit of independence? It’s really kind of mind-boggling how this massive psychological operation affected so many people world-wide.” ~Dr. Ryan Cole

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Becky Kraker
Becky Kraker
Sep 04, 2023

I got the size of vaccine August 6th of 2021 I did not want it I was pressured into it. Three days later my whole life changed My mental health completely went so and hormones for the reason. For 6 months every single day I had my period and since then it's usually about 2 to 3 weeks out of the month. Last week I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Of course they are related. It's killing me and I have no idea what to do

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