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Alaska Covid Alliance Highlights Covid-19 Medications; Doctors Standing Strong Under Public Attack

Dr. Ryan Cole spoke to a large group of Alaskan medical providers on the war of words happening in medicine throughout the world. He wove many articles and scientific studies throughout his presentation, while also sharing personal accounts per his daily laboratory work . The link to the full video of individual doctor presentations, along with a second video showing the full panel question and answer session is included here. You’ll find timestamps on those source pages. Here are some key highlights.

“Emotion, Belief and Ideology Blind us! Fear is the real pandemic. Data, Truth, Hope, Optimism, Love, Joy, Dialogue, Listening is how we win.”

Dr. Ryan Cole urges for more dialogue in the medical community. Dr. Cole maintains that the virus is a humanitarian issue, not a political issue.

The conference gave an opportunity for these doctors to share information on Covid-19 vaccines and children. Dr. Cole questioned, “Why are we attacking children with an experimental shot when they survive the virus at 100%?” Last year there was one Covid death among children where the patient had no comorbidities. The risks for the vaccine outweigh the risks of getting Covid-19 for kids.

“If you’ve had Covid, you do not need a vaccine. It messes up your immunity!” Dr. Cole exclaims. "Any doctor who says you should get a vaccine after you’ve had Covid does not understand Immunology 101."

Dr. Cole discusses a study showing immune dysregulation in those who have taken the Covid-19 vaccine. He explains the increase in other latent viruses such as shingles, mono, herpes, odd skin rashes, RSV, HPV, etc. He also shares that this study shows that Toll-Like Receptors 3 and 4 which keep cancer in check are decreasing post-vaccination. Dr. Cole is getting calls from oncologists and doctors and radiologists seeing really simple cancers they have managed for years taking off like wildfires and he asserts that this is part of the mechanism for that taking place.

The Covid vaccines will keep you from acquiring full immunity even if you are infected and recover. Dr. Cole says we have rushed science this year. Typically a new vaccine would be studied for 7-10 years and we’ve rushed these and our population is now the study group.

Go here for the full session of individual speakers sharing with the physician audience:

Click the picture below to see the panel respond to questions from the general audience. Dr. Ryan Cole presents additional information with the expanded audience near the end. He shares his poignant personal story of helping save his brother and his mom with early treatment for Covid-19. Use the timestamps for easy searching:

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