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American Medical Freedom Panel | The Liberty Forum

The Liberty Forum of Silicon Valley, in partnership with the Children's Health Defense - California Chapter, hosted a distinguished panel of experts and leaders on February 07, 2023 to explore significant questions around “Covid hysteria”. Panelists alongside Dr. Ryan Cole included Steve Kirsch, Josh Yoder, and Jessica Barsotti. The Forum’s description of the panel discussion is shared below, along with a link to more information.

Covid hysteria has turned out to be one of the most destructive forces in world history. It has caused entire nations to destroy their own economies. Here in the United States, it has led us to eliminate freedoms we’ve taken for granted for 250 years. It has upended longstanding norms of scientific decision-making. Formerly free and open debate has given way to incomprehensible censorship along with exhortations to “trust the science.” Mask mandates, lockdowns, social distancing, and coerced experimental medical procedures are now, tragically, a part of the American fabric. Even the very word “vaccine” has arguably lost all meaning.

The evidence for these assertions has been steadily mounting over the past 18 months. Formerly confidential internal communications at Twitter, the social media giant acquired last year by Elon Musk, have laid bare the extent to which Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Government have colluded to keep us all in the dark.

How did we get here? Is there a way back to freedom and rational scientific thought? Can our institutions someday recover the credibility they’ve spent three years shredding – and is there any reason to think they want to? The panel tries to answer these questions and more in this important discussion.

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