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Amid This Crisis, Nerds of the World Unite on the Blunt Force Truth Podcast to Discuss the State of

Dr. Ryan Cole joins Dr. Lynn Flint and Dr. Chris on the Blunt Force Truth podcast for a “nerd-out” session discussing the science and the medical ramifications of the mass-Covid-vaccination efforts. This podcast is self-described this way: Emmy-winning game show legend Chuck Woolery joining forces with polymath and serial entrepreneur Mark Young to tackle the toughest issues of the day, without the usual angry white guy banter. Part talk show, part Ted Talk, the show features Chuck and Mark exploring topics one at a time by pulling back the curtain, setting aside the political rhetoric and laying out the truth using science, research and hard facts.

Click the image to go to the podcast page and player. Timestamps are below for easier navigation.

23:00 Does the Covid vaccine affect athletes in more severe ways than other people? Yes, Dr. Cole explains why, and how to test for this.

25:15 What are they pushing? Why do they continue to implore all people to receive the Covid vaccinations?

27:00 Instead of supporting and improving people’s immune systems with these injections, we are making people immuno-compromised so they will become more dependent on more injections to live.

27:40 Chuck Woolery, turning 81 years old soon, received 2 shots but declined the booster. Will the effects continue or will they go away?

31:05 Population control has been suggested by the left. Is it possible this is part of what’s going on?

32:39 For a vaccinated person, does an Ozone, Hyperbaric, or other treatments help? Are there things people should be doing to help? Does NAC supplementation help?

40:45 Are you seeing the abnormal blood clots in vaccinated individuals that Dr. Jane Ruby talks about?

47:25 Why are they giving anticoagulants to children?

48:20 What are they attributing this to?

48:50 Why are people getting Covid immediately after being vaccinated?

50:30 Why is the media talking about HIV?

51:25 What’s the endgame? Why is HIV going to be the new boogeyman?

51:50 Ryan, did you ever think we would be talking this way? The group enters a robust conversation around the censorship, the new attempts to label these doctors as domestic terrorists, and the missteps of our medical agencies and governing authorities to exert their will..

1:01:00 Why aren’t the researchers and higher academia personnel the first to rebel against these government medical agencies?

1:02:00 Masking decisions and the error-filled models

1:03:00 This sounds like communism and early Nazi Germany. What’s the difference between burning a book or not allowing a peer review on a medical paper?

1:06:20 What about Dr. Francis Collins? What about Dr. Anthony Fauci?

1:09:40 The group discusses early treatment including Ivermectin, used by Chuck Woolery who recently got better in 24 hours after Mark obtains some for him.

1:13:00 People don’t realize how Communists have infiltrated the USA.

1:14:00 The groups discusses politics, including stacked pensions and the need for term limits.

1:17:15 The pathology of the post-vaccinated will likely become the focus once the Ukraine crisis settles down.

1:25:08 This is the stuff of science fiction! But the reality is dystopian movies are sometimes an imitation or reflection of life.

1:26:25 Do not let anyone in the medical community make decisions for your health. Do your own homework. You need common sense, not a medical degree.

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