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Article and Website Roundup - Dr. Cole Across the Web

We've collected some great website links for you. Here are several sites where Dr. Cole is featured alongside other experts in their relevant fields. Bookmarks sure come in handy!

A wonderful summary of quotes and information Dr. Cole has shared in various interviews.

Totality of Evidence. "Jack" has done an excellent job comprising many components of the pandemic and the bigger picture of control, with a terrific drill-down on the medical pieces at play. He has a page for each of the 30 experts he profiles, including a timeline, and here is Dr. Cole's page. shares many of Dr. Cole’s videos with accompanying articles.

This Canadian website helps equip moms of young children with education on the Covid shot risks. You'll find many videos from physicians across the globe (including Dr. Cole) who are speaking out about potential harms. You can see Dr. Cole's remarks in under 2 minutes below.

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