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Backstage Q&A with Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Peter McCullough in Idaho

In this up-close recording of two highly esteemed and valiant doctors, we hear Dr. Cole and Dr. McCullough discuss topics not usually covered in interviews. Backstage at the Heart 2 Heal conference in Meridian, Idaho, these doctors discuss their views on what is going on. Hear them answer two main questions while offering continued evidential reasons for their responses. We've included highlights below the video clip. These two questions are posed:

1. Can you comment on what some are claiming they are seeing under the microscope with regard to the jab and blood from the jabbed?

2. What do you think is the next manufactured crisis?

  • Avoid rabbit trails about graphene oxide and stick with the science. Dr. Cole looked at 100 vials with 3 different types of analysis and they did not find graphene oxide or parasites. Yes there is debris among other things. These “vaccines” don’t meet good manufacturing standards.

  • Stay within the realm of the published data instead of taking these tangents.

  • Under Emergency Use Authorization, the companies have taken liberty with these products. The manufacturers don’t allow inspections of these products in the EUA mechanism.

  • Dr. McCullough and Dr. Cole speculate on why 85% of people haven’t had problems with these “vaccine” products.

  • Dr. Cole speculates that a fake climate crisis and energy shortage are the next manufactured crises coming. Any excuse for people acquiescing their power, their will, their control to a centralized agency is what you need to resist. If you don’t have the political will to enforce the law then the law isn’t working for us. Autoimmune disease is coming because of the shots.

  • Dr. McCullough talks about the flow of money into these agencies and pharmaceutical companies. He discusses the World Health Organization (WHO) and the power they want to exert. Pay attention to the Davos meeting.

  • Dr. Cole discusses the Bank of International Settlements who shift funds between central banks of the world.

  • Dr. McCullough explains a clear trend toward digital currency, single currency, passports and the one world order. The disturbing thing is that the mechanism to get engagement on this is a HIGHLY TOXIC VACCINE.

  • Uninformed Consent is a Canadian movie highly recommended by Dr. McCullough.

  • Anything where an emergency is declared, pay attention to the underlying reason!

  • Monkeypox got settled down before it became a major problem in the media.

  • Dr. McCullough says it’s very hard to get a word in the media. He invites people to start podcasts or any other outlets to share information. America needs more reasonable, compassionate people. We have way too many people staying behind the scenes.

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