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Blood Supply Safety “Should Have Been Looked at from the Very Beginning”


Dr. Ryan Cole shares his expertise with The New American reporter Veronica Kyrylenko backstage at the International Crisis Summit (ICS) in D.C. Is our blood supply safe? Why are Covid vaccines on the childhood vaccination schedule? What is the status of medical concerns around these products? Read on and watch the video of this important conversation.  

Mixed reports indicate the Red Cross is now asking for Covid vaccination status when individuals want to donate blood. Dr. Cole cites a study by Brogna and colleagues indicating that the spike protein from vaccination circulates in the body far beyond what was initially explained. He says the Red Cross is wise but late in expressing concern over this issue. Dr. Cole has seen patients who received transfusions and then developed clots. Questions remain on the DNA contamination in the vials and those effects on blood supply. 

Without clear studies or data from the vaccine makers indicating when these gene products “turn off” in the body, Dr. Cole continues to see concerns. We don’t have any testing on long term physiological effects. The mRNA was found in placentas of vaccinated mothers, causing unsettledness for the next generation.  Batch-dependent differences in Serious Adverse Events (SAE) following vaccination are reported in this study by Schmeling and colleagues and duplicated in a follow up study out of Sweden. Many people may have gotten a placebo shot. 

Some European and Scandinavian countries discontinued mRNA products for anyone under 65, yet America continues to issue these injections. The Covid vaccines are alarmingly included in the childhood vaccination schedule. Cole calls this criminal activity. Turtles All the Way Down is recommended reading for all people who want to know more about vaccination risks and benefits. 

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