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Cancer Talk, Immunosuppression, and Fear with Survivor-Advocate Chris Wark

Chris Wark interviewed Dr. Ryan Cole on his show, “Chris Beat Cancer” where he shares information on his health journey. Chris has a fascinating story of his own which you can find at his website. Here is what Chris writes about talking to Dr. Cole. You can find their interview posted below, with time stamps on Chris’s blog.

"Dr. Ryan Cole is a brilliant and courageous physician who is committed to telling the truth about what’s happening. He has risked his reputation and career to do this. He has nothing to gain and everything to lose.

Dr. Cole would have more money today and a “good reputation” if he had kept quiet about his findings. It was an honor to share the stage and to spend time with him behind the scenes.

My interview with Dr. Cole was censored by YouTube immediately after we uploaded it for “violating community guidelines” before anyone even saw it. And my YouTube account is currently locked for 7 days, during which time I can’t post any new videos.

Remember, at no time in history have the people censoring information been the good guys.

This interview is a must-watch."

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