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“Coffee and a Mike” Podcast Welcomes Dr. Ryan Cole on Episode 364

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

On this podcast with Mike Trout, Dr. Ryan Cole discusses his journey in standing up for freedom and medical truth. They discuss where we are now in the approach to Covid-19 from a public health standpoint and how powerful the flow of money seems to be in decisions being made.

Schools are finally lifting mandates on children but how much suffering have children already endured because of harmful adult decisions? Mike and Dr. Cole discuss cancer upticks and the Department Of Defense suppressing information on military vaccine injuries and the impact on our military. Also, the trucker convoy is emboldening our population to stand strong for freedom. Dr. Cole calls them heroes. Dr. Cole explains why he's a “teacherist”, not a “terrorist."

“I’m grateful to be an American. I’m grateful to be a doctor. In spite of all the madness we’ve experienced… As hard as things have been, think of the phenomenal blessing of all the fantastic people this brought together in unity. So there is a silver lining in all of this.”

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