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Cole and Malone Bring Down the House at ONE Washington Medical Freedom Event

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

In Gig Harbor, Washington over the weekend, Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Robert Malone presented crucial updated Covid-19 medical information in an interview with panel leaders Art Moore and Rachel Harter to specifically address the mRNA Covid vaccines. Review our time stamped Q&A below for topical ease in viewing the linked video and other resources.

26:17 Do these vaccines reduce transmission?

32:05 You (specifically the kids) don’t take the vaccines to protect yourself., you take it to protect grandma or teachers. Kids are not infecting adults, it’s the other way around. When have we asked kids to protect us as adults? Never. The risk and benefit are upside down. These shots are not stopping or reducing transmission.

36:40 The remaining argument is that these shots reduce severity of illness and hospitalization and chances of dying. The social aspect is that it reduces the chance of hospitals being overrun. What do you think of that?

This discussion includes a conversation around staffing and mandates in our hospitals along with some of the lies in the press.

42:00 Can you address the media’s report that most of the people in hospitals are vaccinated. What about the argument that most of the population has been vaccinated, so you’d expect that?

43:35 There are over 150 papers citing evidence that natural immunity provides better protection than vaccine induced immunity.

45:30 What are the big concerns within the study design used by Pfizer? Dr. Cole goes through the major problems with the safety trials. You can reference more information he shares by viewing the video below.

52:00 Safety discussion

52:30 Questions for Dr. Malone around his involvement in mRNA discovery and invention and his outspoken actions against these shots. Why?

Key points that make these vaccines very different than other vaccines:

  1. These slip a genetic element into the cells of your child’s body.

  2. The method used is to coat the gene with a fat; a synthetic chemical compound. These are positively charged synthetics. In the limited rodent trials these went into all the body: bone marrow and ovaries and testes. Ovaries control reproductive heatlh including menstruation.

  3. The RNA being used is not natural. These RNA’s last longer than expected in the body. The concerns around this are suppression of immune response and more inflammatory.

  4. These vaccines were not properly tested. All the things normally tested weren’t done.

1:07:45 The data we have on VAERS is to catch things missed in the trials — safety signals.

Dr. Malone shares breaking news on the data being hidden by governmental agencies. He calls this scientific fraud.

1:16:45 Dr. Cole is asked what he is seeing in the lab. He describes how he approaches the human tissues in this past year since the shots were released. He’s talking to different types of doctors throughout the country and the world that are all seeing unusual patterns of data, including cancer concerns, other viruses, and blood clotting throughout the body. He also discusses autopsies that were ordered NOT to be done by Anthony Fauci.

“This is about a generation that should not be harmed by something they do not need!”

1:26:05 Is there anything clinically people can do if they have been vaccinated already? Dr. Malone discusses his journey after vaccination including Long Haul Covid. Adverse events are clustered in certain vaccine lots, and his was in one of these lots. He talks about actions he took to regain his health.

1:32:45 Closing remarks

“The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose and it will defend itself.” ~St. Augustus

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