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Cole and Urso: Guests on Vaccine Research Safety Foundation Weekly Update

Two great friends and highly esteemed doctors join Louisa Clary host of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF) to cover a wide variety of topics around the Covid “vaccines”. Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Richard Urso share both the technical data from their medical research along with actionable tips informed by medical experience to steer you to best health outcomes in this modern era of Covid shots, no matter your vaccination status. The warm banter between these courageous individuals is both refreshing and eye-opening. Our guide to this conversation follows the video.

Time Stamped Recap:

18:45 Where are we now?

19:55 Cracks in the dam are about to burst forth with data showing the reality of these dangerous “vaccines” and functional doctors are working on protocols to help those who took these Covid shots. “I’m optimistic!” says Dr. Cole.

Dr. Cole talks about the mis- and disinformation spread by those at the CDC and in government.

Dr. Urso questions the agencies’ approach to a new way forward for vaccine programs featuring the harmful Lipid Nanoparticle mRNA. Dr. Cole says this platform is a nuclear bomb to health.

26:30 Dr. Cole discusses the countless harms of the spike protein.

“'Be ungovernable,' as Steve Deace said. Do not allow anyone to put an expired shot from an extinct virus into your body.” ~Dr. Ryan Cole

29:30 Dr. Urso discusses the difference between the virus and the Covid injections.

31:00 Immune system effects: Immune Imprinting = Original Antigenic Sin. More shots cause more damage. These shots cause your body to mount such a specific immune response that they can’t respond to a mutated virus.

34:50 Fertility concerns

36:50 Did Pfizer really hide data?

38:40 The original vaccine studies showed more hospitalizations and more deaths in the vaccine group than in the unvaccinated group. This is fraud.

39:22 England data for children showed vaccines raised All Cause Mortality. Healthy children don’t have strokes!

42:21 Dr. Urso’s good friend who is a physical therapist in Houston had a 17, 20, 22, 24, 27, 32, 35, and 38 year old in the last 6 weeks who came in for therapy after strokes. She has never seen this before.

44:00 Clotting concerns

45:29 Cancer concerns

45:45 Production concerns

51:00 Shedding is not a myth. Shedding occurs via sweat secretions from a natural Covid infection. Shedding also occurs from a vaccinated individual via secretions. If you’ve had Covid, you have antibodies to the virus. The Pfizer trial documentation shared this concern.

55:25 Is the spike protein in blood products (blood supply concerns) from those who have taken the Covid “vaccine”? Yes, but we don’t know how much and most people can neutralize this with our own immune response. Robust discussion on current understanding related to shedding.

1:00:15 Dr. Cole shares remarks about the need for all of us to stand up against these shots going forward. These are unsafe and ineffective. Stay strong!

1:01:10 Q&A:

Adverse Event from Pfizer reports sperm count

1:03:15 Reduction in fertility based on births from data in other countries

Lipid Nanoparticles get through places that the Covid virus cannot, so the vaccines are at fault.

1:03:50 Which vaccine company/type is causing most problems?

1:07:00 Many latent viruses like shingles and Epstein Barr/Mononucleosis have surged after these shots.

“These are not opinions, these are facts!” Dr. Richard Urso

1:08:00 If someone is vaxxed but not open to early treatment pharmaceuticals, what protocol would you advise for prevention and Covid treatment? Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Selenium, Zinc, Copper, Nigella Sativa (Black cumin seed oil), Dandelion leaf extract, diluted Povidone/Iodine drops, Melatonin, K2, and others discussed.

1:13:30 Many doctors and providers are working on vaccine injury protocols.

1:14:25 How do we reach family and friends who are pro-vaccine and won’t listen?

1:17:35 Are you starting to see changes in mainstream colleagues in the medical community? The alarming Thailand study regarding 29% of children’s hearts being injured post-vaccine was a wake-up to many, but they are not speaking up yet. Some are telling patients to hold off on the shots for the first time.

1:20:50 The “anti-vax” conversation

1:25:27 Colitis

1:28:15 Ireland trip and Global Covid Summit happenings

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My 24 year old daughter had the Pfizer BionTech shot a year ago and she was never ever ill before but now one year later, she has had bouts of flu and says she is run down. I want her to get to a good pathologist and have a blood test. Thank God she has only had one Pfizer shot and a Pneumonia vaccine but she is not well. I am deeply concerned and as we lived in Europe where she recieved the shot and she is in Texas I am not sure how to get her the help she needs. Suggestions would be most welcome.

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