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Cole Delivers Impassioned Testimony on Capitol Hill

Updated: Mar 14


Starting with a powerful quote from Patrick Henry, Dr. Ryan Cole talked about constitutional rights and freedom. He spoke to a room full of bold, outspoken individuals who made their voices heard at Senator Ron Johnson’s senate panel, “Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding?” 

Speaking about his legal fight with medical boards who attacked him for his public remarks about Covid, Cole said,

“I reserve the right to speak. It is the foundational principle of this great nation. And when we lose that, we lose a nation.” 

You can view Dr. Cole’s 5 minute speech by clicking the image below.

A Midwestern Doctor, the popular physician/author who anonymously writes on Substack,  summarized the important hearing in this article

You can see the full round of testimonies in this roundtable presented by following this link.

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