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Cole Offers Views in Spotlight Interview on The Pete Santilli Show

The Pete Santilli Show offers real, raw news with a conservative perspective. He hosted a terrific in-depth interview with Dr. Ryan Cole, where they discussed the medical system, speaking out against the establishments, and fighting for freedom. Enjoy this interview! All questions/topics are time stamped for your benefit.

0:30 Opening Q: Are the vaccine makers messing with God’s creation when we take the Covid injections?

3:20 Introduction of Dr. Cole’s background

4:40 What is your mission with regard to this Covid pandemic?

6:10 Discussion of Senator Ron Johnson’s hearing

8:20 Can you give us the reader’s digest version of that hearing event and what was discussed?

10:05 Among so many important moments along the timeline of the Covid pandemic (plandemic per Santilli) Can you outline or pinpoint a few significant events for us?

16:30 How horrifying is it for you, as a pathologist who relies upon data, who needs source material to look to, and is it similar to any other point in your career, to find reliable data to look to in your profession?

18:45 You have been instrumental in getting information out to the public. Is it your mission to go around the medical system to reach the public or are you wanting to hold the system accountable for crimes against humanity, especially the impact on children?

21:30 Dr. Cole shares why he’s running for governor while answering about accountability.

23:00 Santilli learned early about early treatment for Covid-19 and became aware of the dangers of the vaccines and hospital protocols. He and his team got through the virus using the early treatment protocols. In 2005 NIH knew about hydroxychloroquine as an inhibitor for Sars Cov1. Dr. Cole discusses how anxiety affected the severity with Covid-19.

28:00 What is ahead for us with clotting from the Covid shots? What about the odd clots being revealed by the morticians and embalmers?

33:10 You can’t vaccinate out of Covid because of the number of mutations. Do you think they plan to continually release new vaccinations while seeing dollar signs?

36:25 Are the vaccine makers messing with God’s creation when we take the Covid injections?

38:45 They’ve built an infrastructure around this and got these emergency declarations to exert powers. They’ve taken away our rights and freedoms. What position will you take regarding this in your run for office?

43:10 Robert F Kennedy, Jr. highlighted that due process was thrown out the window with the immunity granted to the big pharma companies. We need to bring back the constitution.

44:20 Everyone I speak to, including Dr. Judy Mikovits, says that RFK, Jr’s book The Real Anthony Fauci is mind-blowing at the amount of research and facts. Was there something about that book that was a real eye-opener to you?

45:55 Santilli praises another book, Covid-19 and the Global Predators by Dr. Peter Breggin, which is well-referenced and combats the “conspiracy theory” label that’s given to anyone going against the main narrative.

46:45 LIFE is the ultimate issue. Dr. Cole discusses his medical oath to “Do no harm” and how much he values life.

51:20 What do you think about Hilary Clinton and Jenn Psaki who have contracted Covid-19 and have had all the Covid vaccines?

“I honor you and thank you for your service to the world,” ~Pete Santilli showing appreciation to Dr. Ryan Cole

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