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Covid-19 Injections & Cancer: Nature Cannot Be Fooled | International Crisis Summit V


From the stage in Washington DC, Dr. Ryan Cole shared medical studies and pathology slides revealing the potential harms of Covid gene products, insisting they should not be called "vaccines." Dr. Cole highlighted the looming threat of a cancer avalanche. He underscored that Covid transcends mere medical implications.

You can see other presentations at the International Crisis Summit (ICS) website by following this link

Dr. William Makis, a Canadian radiologist, oncologist, cancer researcher, and author of over 100 publications, has been raising awareness through his Substack and X account since 2021. His post on X following the ICS Summit featured Dr. Cole’s important work, and says in part:

“What I really wanted to stress in my ICS-5 presentation is the fact that the “Died Suddenly” phenomenom after COVID-19 Vaccination is very real, it’s affecting mostly young people and it has been growing steadily since 2021, when the vaccines first became available to the public.

What we are seeing in graphs of CDC data, is the rising, long term destruction of COVID-19 Vaccinated young people, worst at ages 0-24. 

It is safe to say that in 2023, we are seeing the long term effects of COVID-19 Vaccines taken in 2021 and Vaccine Mandates enforced on young people, and University and College students in late 2021, early 2022.

The disturbing part of this is that excess deaths have doubled in 2023 compared to 2022 and made new highs at the end of 2023.

Dr.Cole begins his presentation by showing pathology slides with staining for the spike protein which lights up in the brain, peripheral nerves, liver, adrenal glands, placenta, testes, etc.

This is the kind of testing that should be done at autopsy of every sudden or unexpected death of a COVID-19 Vaccinated person, but is not being done in the United States or Canada or Australia or the UK, and hasn’t been done since the vaccines rolled out in Dec.2020.

Dr.Cole also explains the concept of the IgG4 antibody shift (a tolerance antibody) caused by taking multiple COVID-19 Vaccines and the damage done to cancer surveillance.

I agree with Dr.Cole in calling for an immediate STOP to all synthetic mRNA/LNP injections, immediately.

The entire mRNA/LNP "vaccine" platform is far too dangerous and too toxic to be permitted to remain on the market.

The mRNA/LNP technology must be halted, along with the 500+ new mRNA vaccines that are in various Phase I, II or III clinical trials (this includes mRNA vaccines intended for living organisms other than humans).

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