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Covid-19 Vaccination Failure and Lies: Dr. Ryan Cole Fact-Checks Public Health Officials and SCOTUS

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

A group of physicians, scientists, and frontline professionals held a global COVID-19 summit in Little Rock, Arkansas where Dr. Cole shared up-to-date data and studies to back up his points about Covid-19. See the time stamps below for easy navigation by topic, and don't miss Dr. Cole's introduction, made my Dr. Heather Gessling. Click the Big Bird image below to open up the video website.

“Integrity is the distance between your lips and your life.”

5:29:00 is the start of introductory remarks to Dr. Cole’s presentation.

The only public health message shared by our agencies this year has been a message of fear, to stay home, wear your mask until the shots are available.

5:38:00 Vitamin D is crucial to your health! Here are the researched specifics.

5:39:00 Obesity is inflammatory and predisposes us to illness.

5:41:00 Know your comorbidities.

Delta is still around! Sequencer is saying only 5% is Omicron as of Jan 8.

5:42:30 Cut carbs and intermittent fasting can improve health.

5:43:00 Go to the Brownstone Institute’s website daily for excellent information from brilliant scientists and doctors. One specific article shares 400 studies of what did not work by colleague Paul Alexander

Covid-recovered should not get the shots

5:45:35 The shots available in the USA are NOT FDA approved. The approved shot (Comirnaty) is not yet here and would need the full amount of testing completed to be approved. The government is lying that these are approved. You and your children are part of an experiment.

5:46:40 This is NOT a vaccine. It’s a gene modality to stimulate an immune response. How many injections will be needed? They are lying to you that these are effective! They are using efficacy numbers from months ago before Delta appeared.

5:48:00 Supreme Court lies – don’t miss this slide featuring misinformation from Judge Sotomayor.

5:48:30 VAERS data on the vaccine adverse events can be found here.

5:49:40 Mandates – should these be allowed? Are they criminal?

5:51:00 CDC says don’t do autopsies. Why?

5:51:30 Discussion of the spike protein toxicity. Is it harming everybody? We don’t know yet.

5:54:25 Other grave issues of concern with vaccines.

5:55:05 Pregnancy concerns: 20x increase in fetal demise shared anecdotally by a friend in the funeral business where they bury 8 and 9 month old babies. Also concerns about fertility with ovaries and the spike protein where we don’t know enough.

5:57:30 Dr. Cole discusses a study out of the Netherlands showing concern with reprogramming of the innate immune system with mRNA vaccine. Dr. Cole shares serious concerns about other viruses and cancers rising because of the immune system changes.

6:01:30 When does the body stop producing spike protein post shot? No studies have been done. Yet we know the body produces considerably more spike protein with the shot than it does in a natural infection because your broad immune response clears the virus much faster.

This is not a vaccine.

6:02:30 See the changes in definitions around vaccine.

6:03:00 Dr. Cole encourages everyone to read Robert F. Kennedy, Jr's book The Real Anthony Fauci.

6:03:25 Here’s what they got wrong in the SCOTUS hearings around the lawfulness of the vaccine mandates on January 7.

6:04:20 Dr. Cole shares that 13 of 15 Covid-19 positive patients had at least two Covid-19 shots in his lab two days before his talk. Vaccine failure. The vaccines show negative efficacy in Denmark and other places where the vaccinated are getting Omicron at a higher rate than those who have not had shots.

6:05:15 Secretory IGA antibodies in tears, mucous, etc are crucial for defense and the vaccinated do not secrete these antibodies. The vaccinated are getting Covid again because of this and are the “superspreaders”.

6:06:30 Mandatory testing of unvaccinated workers/students is discriminatory because both vaccinated and unvaccinated can carry equally high viral loads of this virus.

6:07:50 See a list of all the places where vaccine failure is experienced around the world!

This is not a pandemic of the unvaccinated. That is a LIE.

6:11:00 Omicron is not really in this family tree of Sars-Cov-2. This is a different virus altogether. Dr. Cole’s colleagues in South Africa are reporting good news about Omicron.It doesn’t bind in the lungs, so this seems like a gift.

6:14:10 Why are so many doctors silent?

6:15:20 Children do not need these injections. We do not know long term outcomes. All risk, no benefit for kids. Other nations around the world are halting these injections in their young people. Meanwhile the USA is mandating for children! WHY? Children survive this virus at 100% and our children should not be shields for adults!

7:28:40 PANEL Q&A

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