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Covid Betrayal: A Path Forward | Spokane, WA Event

Dr. Ryan Cole appeared by video to an audience gathered in Spokane, WA on May 22, 2023. This event, Covid Betrayal: A Path Forward, was hosted by Informed Choice Washington.

The crux of this Covid-19 cultural moment is freedom. Many were fooled into thinking that freedoms are privileges. Personal action must be the response. For those who are awake to the atrocities carried out by our governing bodies, we must speak up and be involved.

  • All were lied to by a complicit media.

  • Be your own best doctor.

  • Truth in science is dead. The major medical journals are captured by pharmaceutical interests, as are our public health agencies.

  • Stand up to these bullies, including our hospital systems.

  • Never allow our morality to be hijacked again.

  • Use your voice and be brave to speak out.

  • If we all stand up for what is right, we cannot be stopped.

“We have to build new systems… It is time to build something better.”

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