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Covid “Vaccines” and Cancer | International Covid Summit III at European Parliament

May 3, 2023


When over half of the room of attendees raised their hands, acknowledging that a friend or colleague or patient had an unexpected cancer immediately following the rollout of the Covid injections, Dr. Ryan Cole knew he had an audience ready to hear what he came to share. Sprinkled in among statements about the Trusted News Initiative and the studies that were never done on the Covid shots, Dr. Cole presented data to the European Parliament as part of the International Covid Summit III. His remarks centered around the rise in cancers experienced worldwide. Find a summary of his presentation points below this video link.

6:20:44 Dr. Cole begins his presentation

6:25:30 Dr. Cole thanks the doctors who are standing up for truth and free speech while taking many costly arrows. This isn’t really about a virus anymore, it’s about free speech and sharing truth. He specifically thanked Dr. Burkhardt, the German pathologist who first began pointing out the vaccinal harms happening as a result of the Covid injection rollout nationwide.

6:26:45 Slides from Ethical Skeptic reveal increases in cancer rates and death rates that are not being shared by our medical or governmental health organizations.

6:28:12 Dr. Cole calls for the governmental bodies worldwide to release the data using the ICD10 codes that will reveal the diagnoses and trends needed.

6:29:10 A partial list of the cancer mechanisms caused by spike proteins from the shots

6:30:50 Slides showing lymphoma of the stomach and spike protein inside every cancer cell

6:31:20 Slides showing pancreatic adenocarcinoma where spike protein fills the cancer cells

6:31:57 Impurities found in the vials of Covid mRNA products and microRNA fragments can be a carcinogen.

6:33:09 Bone marrow marked with spike protein giving rise to another reason for increased lymphomas and leukemias

6:34:07 Dr. Cole explains why an important study paper was retracted based on FOIA request, where the government knew things they did not want to disclose to the public

6:34:40 Warnings are shown for the lipid nanoparticles used in the Covid “vaccines,” including Not for human or veterinary use and Carcinogenic in animals

6:35:50 Warning and Conclusion: Stop the shots and the mRNA technology; Share the data; and Assist those with injury

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