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#crowdRESILIENCE TV Special | Dr. Daniele Ganser

In this March 24, 2023 conversation, Swiss historian Dr. Daniele Ganser and American pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole share ideas about what our world has been going through from both a macro and micro perspective. As fathers and family men, these public figures care most about what is coming for the next generations. Enjoy this uplifting, in-depth, circuitous chat; time stamps are below.

“I think it’s an evolution we are going through. We changed from something old that we leave behind and we go into something new that we don’t know yet.” ~ Dr. Daniele Ganser

4:45 Capitalism - pros and cons including discussion of ongoing wars

6:55 Moral and ethical challenges around the vaccine roll out and experimentation

9:40 Ganser’s analysis of war in Ukraine including Obama administration’s coup in 2014

9:15 Challenges around being outspoken and the impact on their children socially

13:08 Cancel culture and freedom of speech

15:30 How do I get true information?

18:55 Optimistic and joyous outlook

19:20 Acknowledging vaccine injured people is step one

21:00 Russell Brand or Redacted News… many independent sources exist outside mainstream

“If you want to follow the science, follow the silenced.” ~ Dr. Ryan Cole

22:55 Perspective matters. Listen to different voices. Ganser discusses the Cuban Missile Crisis and his learnings.

27:00 Curiosity and learning are keys to life.

28:35 Love for the world opens doors to new understanding and community

30:35 Critical thinking brings criticism; How do you deal with this?

33:20 9/11 World Trade Center Building 7 controlled demolition position - fear of job loss

34:55 Dr. Cole sold his laboratory as a cost of speaking truth against those in power

36:30 Integrity, truth, and meaning trump material things

“Truth is the real wealth.” ~ Dr. Daniele Ganser

38:52 Scarcity vs abundance mindset and giving from your abundance

41:15 Near death experiences and consciousness

44:00 “The key to learning is learning how to learn,” posits Dr. Cole

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