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Danger, Danger, Danger! | Steve Deace Show

In this 12 minute interview with Blaze host Steve Deace, Dr. Cole explains why the Covid jabs are neither safe nor effective, and are causing much harm to people. Dr. Cole's segment begins at 32:35 and ends at 44:25. In the discussion, Dr. Cole explains why the Covid “vaccine” is not a vaccine. Instead, it’s a gene based product causing cells to turn into a toxic spike protein production factory. Dr. Cole has examined autopsy tissues showing inflammation in the heart, brain, lung, liver, etc. which can result in sudden death. He also explains various clotting issues. These shots are a chronic, dose-dependent toxin. One out of three (29%) children studied in the recent Thailand report showed heart damage after this Covid "vaccine", yet we are literally requiring children to put this damaging toxin into their body to attend school!

These shots suppress the overall immune system’s ability to function against all intruders, not just the Covid virus. Dr. Cole explains the many mechanisms of these shots that are leading to the spike in cancers. The unproven platform using a lipid nanoparticle plus a gene sequence injected into the body is dangerous. We’ve never introduced these to humanity before because they never made it out of animal trials. They are unsafe.

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