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Designed to Heal Podcast | Dr. Ben Rall

March 23, 2023

Dr. Ryan Cole joined host Dr. Ben Rall on his highly rated wellness podcast in a warm and informative discussion. Dr. Ben runs Achieve Wellness, a holistic chiropractic clinic in central Florida, where he promotes health and wellness by highlighting the body’s amazing healing power. These two friends begin by going all the way back to how Dr. Cole first came on the scene during the Covid outbreak in 2020, followed by relevant conversations about how each individual can be empowered as their own doctor, and some ideas to correct a wayward medical system. See more notes below.

Dr. Cole first came on the Covid medical scene with a basic presentation to about 100 people locally in Boise, Idaho. He shared tips on not giving into fear and paying attention to Vitamin D levels during early Covid. That cell-phone video clip went viral, reaching hundreds of thousands, and thus began his journey in the unintended spotlight.

Three main points Dr. Cole amplifies in this discussion regarding Covid:

  1. Immune suppression was evident in Dr. Cole’s lab right away, so he said something.

  2. The claim of 95% efficacy in the Covid shots was false, and the real efficacy of decreasing transmission, acquisition, hospitalization, disease or death was really .36%, less than 1 in 100. Efficacy for any vaccine is supposed to be 50% to bring the product to market.

  3. Pfizer tried to hide data for 75 years. Once the clinical data was revealed, it showed more people who got the shot in the clinical trial group died of all causes than those in the placebo group.

Dr. Ben shares a patient anecdote: A PHD breast cancer researcher at a major institution who was doing a study saw a massive increase in positive mammograms and breast cancer diagnoses after the shots rolled out. They got a call to stop their study.

Many studies never see the light of day if they don’t report what is hoped for, purports Dr. Ben.

Now Dr. Ben hears, “What do I do now?” from most of his patients and contacts. Dr. Cole shared many of his tips starting at the 38:50 mark. Dr. Ben and Dr. Cole wholeheartedly agree on the importance of laughter, movement, community, and light moments. They discuss a way forward for medical systems and government involvement, and the beauty of people sharing their gifts and talents within the health community.

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