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Doctors Speak Out at Texas Covid-19 Summit

Dr. Ryan Cole joins eight other medical professionals to present important information on our current Covid plight. He shares key points challenging the main narrative that the Covid vaccines are safe and effective, and he gives a strong warning against vaccinating children, Dr. Cole also emphasizes the need to be cautious around news sources. Dr. Cole's section of the presentation runs from 41:30 to 1:09:00. Follow the timestamps below for topical help. We will publish the slide show pdf once it becomes available.

43:55 Medical profession changes and subversion of data due to censorship

45:10 Main points: Don’t vaccinate the children, don’t vaccinate the Covid-recovered, and let doctors be doctors.

46:00 Is the vaccine safe and effective? Compare the number of deaths to those killed on 9/11 when the twin towers fell. 6 times as many with these shots.

48:30 Discussion of spike protein’s effects

51:25 Menstrual difficulties post-vaccine

52:35 D-dimer tests can help determine clotting

53:30 Shots are suppressing innate immune system

54:25 Check mono panel if you have chronic fatigue post-covid-vaccine

55:00 Spike is binding to an important gene P53 which suppresses tumors. Not good news.

56:10 Effectiveness of shots with Delta

56:45 Mandates?

57:25 Antigenic sin and IgA not formed

58:40 Sweden’s story and highly vaccinated countries like Gibraltar, Belgium, US States, and Ireland.

1:00:20 Testing unvaccinated but not the vaccinated violates Federal Title 7 separate but equal from a scientific point of view

1:01:10 Wrong approach to vaccinate in the middle of a fast-spreading virus

1:01:50 Geert Vanden Bossche interview on The HighWire is highly recommended since he predicted what we are experiencing

1:03:00 Do not experiment on our children with this injection. They are not at risk!

“Sesame Street has been advertising and propagandizing and trying to help your kiddos know what a noble thing it is for them to be a human shield for Grandma when it’s completely unnecessary. Big Bird is fiction; Blood clotting and Myocarditis are NOT fiction.” Dr. Ryan Cole

1:05:20 Don’t immunize the Covid-recovered

1:06:00 CDC search does not show one trackable, traceable case of a Covid-recovered person transmitting virus to anyone else.

1:06:40 Treat early for Covid no matter if you’re vaccinated or unvaccinated

1:07:00 Don’t let the media gaslight you with lies and funding! The Trusted News Initiative is worth looking up to learn about the suppression of life-saving treatments and the control of information and funding sources (big pharma).

1:08:00 Closing comments

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