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Dr. Cole Pens Response to Blood Clot Critics

If you haven't heard about the internet movie "Died Suddenly" which was produced and released (on 11/21/2022 with over 10 million views) by the Stew Peters Network, you can find it here:

Social media has been buzzing with claims and fact-checks, criticisms and applause. Dr. Cole's comments appear in the show. He had no role in the production as a whole and was not shown a preview. He does not endorse the film as a whole. However, he stands by his comments about the unique blood clots being found in bodies post-mortem. His comments and those of the embalmers were called into question in a recent video made my Eric Burnett, MD, which you can see here:

Dr. Cole was asked to respond to the video, and he gave his remarks to Steve Kirsch for his Substack audience. Here are those remarks from Dr. Cole:

Eric Burnett, MD is an internist, not a pathologist, nor mortician. The arrogance of inferring that a mortician, a professional, beyond his experience, cannot make a valid observation beyond his own naïveté, is the epitome of hubris. He has likely seen one or two autopsies in his entire career. He has not seen, observed, nor described countless post mortem clots. A gelatinous saddle embolus is “apples to oranges” compared to these post “clot shot” death clots. He has never embalmed a body. He is entirely and exceedingly out of his lane. Post mortem, rubbery clots are as rare as hen’s teeth. He is likely covering his “gene injection” pushing ass. Morticians did not have trouble cannulating and embalming bodies prior to the jabs. He is acting as a bloviating, pharma, financial and hospital administrator defending shill, having zero experience, nor idea of what he speaks.

Something is overwhelmingly wrong with the “clot shot.” If he were half awake, his conjecture would not be reflecting the myopic view of the inside of his inexperienced anus.

With a modicum of humility, he might acknowledge alarming rates of excess deaths in the hyper injected, young and healthy and see the actual harm of failed gene based experimental injections, that have maimed and killed hundreds of thousands to millions.

Having performed countless career autopsies, examined dozens of these novel clots, extensively explored the spike protein clotting mechanisms, diagnosed over 500,000 patients through the microscope, in my extensive career, I invite my colleague, Dr. Burnett, and any colleague, from around the world, to sit at my microscope, and observe the truth, and set aside their purchased pride. The cells don’t lie!!!

Honor the dead who speak loudly. Stop fantasizing that you can ever vaccinate ahead of an always mutating coronavirus, especially with a “variant expired” investigational gene product.

Honor your oath to “first do no harm,” instead of hiding behind an uninformed ego, shaded with harmfully naïve, humanity destroying pride.

You can see the fact-check and Steve's full article here. Also, Steve included a related article featuring embalmer Richard Hirschman here.

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