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Dr. Ryan Cole Earns Standing Ovation for His Remarks at the Florida Covid Summit

Dr. Ryan Cole took the stage to challenge media and health agency messaging around children and Covid-19, natural immunity, vaccine mandates. See the timestamps provided below for ease in searching for the information you need.

2:40 This virus is not political. This is a humanitarian issue. Let’s not quibble and fight.

3:10 Horrible messaging stating that being vaccinated is good and unvaccinated is bad. The vaccinated are still at equal risk for infection. Covid unvaccinated not previously infected are still at risk. Covid recovered are immune! It’s a golden ticket and should be valued in our pandemic fight.

4:11 Doctors Risch and Battacharya, “To vaccinate the Covid Recovered is scientifically incoherent!”

We know this from all other viruses. This is basic science, immunology 101. If you take care of your immune health, you are immune if recovered.

5:45 Brownstone Institute shows 106 research studies affirming naturally acquired immunity to Covid-19.

6:25 CDC comes out with a pretend paper that is not peer reviewed saying the opposite, that the Covid-19 vaccine offers 5 times protection of natural immunity. This is nonsense and not backed by science.

7:15 Comments on Francis Collins who just stepped down from NIH and his understanding of natural immunity.

7:35 Mandates for Vaccines that do not prevent acquisition, transmission, disease, or death. Testing differences between unvaccinated and the vaccinated makes no sense!

Data coming out of Vermont 76% deaths in double vaccinated, and Israel and the UK and Illinois show more deaths in the vaccinated than in the unvaccinated.

9:18 Study out of the UK shows that a permanent vaccine schedule may thwart natural immunity. Original antigenic sin. Immunization mimics a portion of a natural infection, but with natural infection your immune system is fully armed against any future attack with that virus.

10:24 Antibodies discussion involving IgA -- they don’t tell the full story on immunity. T cells and B cells mediate immunity to Covid-19 and the IgA that is unique to those who get the natural infection.

12:57 Elevated vaccine risks exist for those who have already recovered from Covid who then get the vaccination.


Dr. Cole gives a full discussion of data regarding children and their risk assessment regarding getting Covid vs. getting these injections.

16:00 Do we use children as human shields? NO!

What we don’t know matters. We don’t know:

  • Long term outcomes, we cannot advance the clock

  • US biodistribution studies

  • No reproductive toxicology studies - Japan’s studies showed the lipid nanoparticles collect in the ovaries

  • Immune modulation/neoplasia

  • What will these products do to the hearts of children?

  • What will these products do to children’s brains?

  • What will these products do in terms of cancer and fertility?

19:00 We know these shots are modifying the immune response in some people.

19:12 Our military: Are we going to dishonorably discharge men and women who are Covid-recovered from the service that protects our nation, our borders, and our lives? NO! Dr. Cole wore that uniform proudly and we should not be injecting our service men and women with these products when so much is yet unknown. Many are Covid-recovered, and there is no scientific reason to inject them with this product.

20:20 With Dr. Cole’s closing remarks, he urges all to Hold Your Ground! “I bid you stand with wisdom over deception and fear.”

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