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Dr. Ryan Cole Interview on the Conservative Review Podcast: The Omicron Variant - What Do We Know?

Host Daniel Horowitz interviews Dr. Ryan Cole about what is happening in the US and around the world with regard to Covid-19 and the Omicron wave. Refer to timestamps of the questions posed for a more efficient audio experience.

“You are THE TEACHER of this generation filling in that gap from the medical community that they refuse to engage in,” says Horowitz, referring to Dr. Cole’s work in speaking out on the risk profile of the vaccination program and the importance of treating this illness early.

Interview starts at 15:00

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16:30 Q: Dr. Cole, what do we know so far in the early stages of Omicron? What are you seeing clinically and scientifically?

20:05 Q: Omicron looks odd. Are we seeing an uptick in reinfections in people with natural immunity?

22:58 Q: With Delta it almost appeared as if it was milder but then it hit the south and became more problematic. Is this Deja vu all over again and when it circulates, a stronger and more aggressive version like happened with Delta will emerge?

28:58 Q: Is there evidence that Omicron is more specifically geared toward the vaccinated?

31:07 Q: Discussing Geert Vanden Bossche’s information, is it a fair hypothesis that perhaps the pandemic might have ended with 40% seroprevalence and the vaccines undid that?

39:00 Q: What do the semantics mean when we talk about asymptomatic or “exposed but didn’t get it”; can you discuss the science behind that?

44:50 Q: What’s going to happen going forward with pathogens in terms of natural immunity being affected with a suboptimal, leaky vaccine?

46:10 Q: Is a suboptimal vaccine even worse than not having a vaccine because of the viral pressure that selects for enhanced disease down the road?

49:30 Q: What are the most concerning safety signals you are seeing with these vaccines?

53:30 Q: Do we even have a control group left? Are we seeing evidence that the spike does shed similar to how the pathogen would, and that even non-vaccinated people are also going to suffer from weakening of their innate immune system?

56:05 Q: Unvaccinated mortality peaks at the same time that the vaccine rollout peaks for their age group then falls and closes in on the vaccinated; What could the explanation be for this?

57:55 Discussion of Covid vaccine situation metaphorically compared to fire and smoke alarms

58:30 Q: Do we have safety signals with menstrual signals, reproductive health, and fetal demise?

1:01:10 Q: What’s going on with autopsies?

1:04:20 Q: Isn’t the medical board in Idaho going after you because of your effort to treat Covid-19 with medications?

1:06:30 Q: Discussion of certain steroids in treating Covid-19 and the lack of attention their success is receiving.

1:08:40 Q: Is this supplement packet they are selling a good idea if you haven’t had Covid yet?

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