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Dr. Ryan Cole Joins Worldwide Interdisciplinary Experts in Understanding Vaccine Causation

How are adverse effects proved? Join moderators Michael Alexander, Dr. Mark Trozzi, Charles Kovess, Megha Verma, and host Shabnam Palesa Mohamed as they unpack this important legal and medical question. Among the esteemed speakers, pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole presents his findings on the Covid-19 vaccines. Click the image below to see the video. Speakers include:


Dr. Ryan Cole

Dr. EV Rapiti

Prof. Arne Burkhart

Dr. Shankara Chetty

Data & Advocacy:

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed - SA VAERS

Ten Kuntz - Vaccine Choice Canada

Avital Livney - The Testimonies Project

Science & Action:

Dr. Jessica Rose

Dr. Rob Verkerk

Deanna McCleod

Law & Rights:

Adv. Sabelo Sibanda

Dr. Herman Edeling

Adv. Dipali Ojha

To access this video presentation, you must click on the image, then scroll down to find the title of this Live Meeting called Understanding Vaccine Causation Conference. Dr. Cole’s remarks start at 3:21:00 and finish at 3:32:00, followed by Q&A until 3:46:10.

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