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Embalmers Find Giant “Rubbery” Blood Clots: A Pathologist’s View

Steve Kirsch has been fighting an information war for months, trying to share Covid-19 vaccine data that is being hidden, suppressed, and maligned by the general public. His Substack is a must-read for anyone trying to gather information around these products; Information likely not seen in mainstream media and public health agency reports. Kirsch hosted Dr. Ryan Cole for a video discussion on what is going on with the long, rope-like clots being identified by embalmers who prepare deceased bodies for burial. These odd clots are presumably showing up in people who have had the Covid-19 vaccines.

You can read Kirsch’s article featuring Dr. Cole here. Substack author Etana Hecht provided a terrific compilation of this interview with extensive links to the studies mentioned by Dr. Cole. Additionally, Sage Hana put her own hilarious twist on the interview in her Substack article found here. We’ve shared key points below the interview.

Main points in this interview include the following:

  • Normally an elevated D-Dimer blood test indicates need for chest scan to identify a large pulmonary clot. Instead, doctors are determining that micro-clotting is the culprit.

  • You can live with clots for a while, but eventually the tissues around the clots become compromised because oxygen is not passing through.

  • If the clot continues to grow and get bigger, eventually the clots kill people.

  • Embalmers are unable to get their embalming fluid in or their dissolving fluid into these bodies. This is a new phenomenon caused by these unusually large clots.

  • Embalmers have identified these irregular clots primarily in Covid-vaccinated individuals.

  • Dr. Cole first heard about this a couple months ago, and wanted to do the science behind it.

  • Dr. Cole suspects that fear has kept morticians quiet until now, and that more shots are creating a more pervasive problem.

  • Dr. Cole hypothesizes that the more Covid shots someone takes, the bigger the risk of these clots forming. “The dose makes the poison,” says Cole.

  • This is not a classical clotting pathway. Usually many factors are present to create a clot. He says the spike protein is creating the clotting.

  • Dr. Cole’s confidence level is 80-90% that these clots are caused by the spike protein. He has more work to do to fully assess this. Kirsch argues that if embalmers have never seen this before then it must be caused by something new, i.e. Covid vaccines.

  • Dr. Cole shows slides of blood clots, explaining the normal clotting vs these highly unusual rubbery clots.

  • Dr. Cole shows a tube containing the clot that was pulled out of the inside of a vein.

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28 de nov. de 2022

Irene Sansano, an anatomical pathologist, and Nikolaus Krupp, who teaches forensic medicine, have said these could be postmortem clots. Others have suggested specifically 'chicken fat' clots - which do have more of a white rubbery appearance. Could you respond to these suggestions, please?


Baines James
Baines James
06 de set. de 2022

Bing , Aluminum ,Based ,Life ,Form to find out what it is.


K Lorenzoni
K Lorenzoni
24 de mar. de 2022

"Produces the spike protein for up to 60 days". Is this the study that did not continue beyond 60 days?

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