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Every Way the Covid Jab Poisons Your Body | Conservative Review

Opening up with his views on the origins and ultimate purpose of Thanksgiving in America, host Daniel Horowitz continues to boldly speak out against the evil forces gaining power. At 21:20, Dr. Cole joins him for the 11/23/2022 interview on new data, medical freedom, and the data about the Covid jabs. Horowitz graciously credits Dr. Cole with giving him confidence to speak out about the dangers of these shots, even without a medical background, early on in the pandemic. Summary points are time stamped below.

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  • 22:15 New observations: Excess death signals among young people and the delay in printing the studies. The suppression of medical information is alarming! Immune health, heart damage and brain harm are major concerns.

  • 31:00 Elevated troponin indicates heart harm and the Swiss study indicated 100% of people in their study showed elevated troponin and then 60% showed scarring thereafter.

  • Diagnostic testing: Dr. Cole recommends Vitamin D level tests but other testing is found in an acute setting if someone has problems.

  • 37:00 Dr. Cole explains his analysis of "vaccine" contents and his explanation of why many people seem to be fine and not injured after taking the jabs. He did not find any graphene oxide.

  • 40:40 Autopsy updates: Dr. Cole collaborated with pathologists in other parts of the world to establish protocols to test for vaccine injury postmortem.

  • 44:30 Organ rejection is being studied and showing the modulated immune response is being passed down to future generations through the mRNA product.

  • 47:50 Dr. Cole was among the first to mention rise in cancers from the shots. Now his opinion is being validated by other doctors who are studying data and reporting.

  • 54:15 Dr. Cole explains how we can know many new cancers are due to the Covid shots and not delayed examinations and why the cancers are not responding to treatment in the same way as before.

  • 58:00 Bureaucrats are not willing to view the data and learn the mechanisms of harm to pull these shots off the market.

  • 1:00:00 Can people who didn't get the shots still be harmed by these Covid shots via shedding? In short, yes. Dr. Cole explains shedding risks and methods. Covid-recovered people have neutralizing ability.

  • 1:02:00 Overall we see many illnesses in both the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. People who did get multiple shots are immune suppressed, giving rise to other viruses (RSV, Influenza A, etc.) which can be passed on to those in the unvaccinated population, causing Emergency Rooms and hospitals to surge.

  • 1:03:30 Daniel mentions concerns around children, even those who didn't get the shots, including contact with "vaccinated" parents.

  • 1:05:05 Are future generations at risk due to the rollouts of these products?

  • 1:05:50 Stem cell study shows vaccination damages are real and concerning.

  • 1:09:50 "This doesn't make sense!" exclaims Daniel. How does this happen by accident? Is there a way you can call this a lack of quality control? Dr. Cole says everyone should go watch this Milken interview where Dr. Fauci and Rick Bright share their desire to bring an mRNA product to market without taking the time necessary to explore safety due to an emergency. This was recorded in 2019, before this pandemic.

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