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Faith, Health, and Hope Global Covid Summit Draws Experts to Kansas City

Joined by physicians, scientists, and frontline professionals from across the country, Dr. Ryan Cole took the stage to present his scientifically-based views on Covid-19 early treatments and grave warnings on vaccinating children with these new-to-market products. Click the picture below and find Dr. Cole’s remarks in the video marked Part 3, starting at the 42:40 timestamp.

Dr. Cole kicks off with two Mark Twain quotes:

“It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
“When in doubt, tell the truth.”

Dr. Cole’s 3 main points:

Do not vaccinate children. We have no long term safety data on these shots.

If you are Covid-recovered, you don’t need this shot.

If you get Covid, don’t wait. Early treatment saves lives.

Timestamped topics of Dr. Cole’s talk:

48:00 The government’s mistreatment of people and our complacency.

50:10 Mark Twain wisdom for today in regards to the media, including the “Trusted News Initiative” acting as cover for real news and information.

53:30 The state of medicine today and getting back to putting patients first. Guidelines have been the death of modern medicine.

56:50 A call for other physicians and colleagues who see things differently to bring their research and discuss with Dr. Cole out of a care for HUMANITY. Other physicians are not reading outside information because they don’t get paid to do it, but Dr. Cole and the other providers speaking out are not getting paid to research and speak out on Covid. They do it because they care about humanity!

57:50 Public health is how you take over a society. Dr. Cole shares important public health messages on vitamin D, obesity, sugar, sleep, prayer/meditation, and being in nature. Lockdowns were the worst thing we could have done.

1:03:30 Masks do not belong on our children.

1:04:25 Early treatment in India and the effectiveness of a cheap solution to the pandemic.

1:06:50 Do not vaccinate these children with this shot. There is no emergency among children. Seven of the CDC board members who voted it in have Pfizer ties. They changed the ingredients. They actually said they won’t know how safe it is until we start using it with children!

1:09:35 The vaccinated carry the same amounts of viral loads as unvaccinated. The Covid-recovered are not spreading Covid.

“Big Bird isn’t real but myocarditis is.”

1:11:55 Toll like receptors are down-regulated after the Covid shots.

1:13:14 The Covid-recovered do not need the Covid shot! Dr. Cole shares articles here that support this science.

1:15:30 The government agencies are lying when they tell us the vaccines are safe and effective. We had outrage when the twin towers fell on 9/11, but where is our outrage at these deaths due to this Covid vaccination?

Part 4 contains Question and Answer with the panel of specialists

36:30 How to find Direct Primary Care physicians or jobs that don’t require Covid shots

39:10 We need a parallel health system that does not require Covid shots

42:20 How do we know natural immunity is long-lasting if we’ve had Covid?

46:00 What is the danger of implied consent for children to be vaccinated if they are in school?

47:00 Does the shot ruin your immune system?

50:30 What is the difference between the Spike protein in the shot compared to the Spike protein with the natural infection?

51:12 What causes loss of smell from Covid and how can we get it back naturally?

1:00:00 How long has Sars-Covid-2 been around and is it really a Corona novel virus?

1:03:00 Is the Johnson and Johnson vaccine safer? Is Novavax any better?

1:09:30 Why won’t boosters be effective? Are they dangerous?

1:12:55 What are your thoughts on monoclonal antibodies?

1:14:10 Physicians talk about the spiritual aspect of Covid.

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