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Fighting for Medical Truth to Prevail in the Tennessee House Health Subcommittee

Dr. Ryan Cole and his colleague Dr. Richard Urso offered expert testimony for a Tennessee state bill that recognizes natural immunity as effective against Covid-19. As explained officially on the legislature’s website, “HB1871 prohibits governmental entities, local education agencies, schools, and private businesses from adopting or enforcing laws, rules, or practices that fail to recognize natural immunity as providing a level of immune protection that is at least as protective as a COVID-19 vaccine or treat individuals with natural immunity differently than individuals who have received the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Our timestamps provide easy reference for the robust witness offered by these doctors, including the Question and Answer session with lawmakers around the Covid vaccines. Beginning at 31:30, this bill is explained, followed by discussion. Click the image to be directed to the webpage for video, or search by keyword here to find a topic of interest from our timestamps below.

31:30 Bill explained

33:32 to 37:18 Dr. Ryan Cole offers testimony on natural immunity providing better protection from Covid-19 than the Covid injections.

37:20 to 40:35 Dr. Richard Urso offers testimony and additional medical facts.

46:50 Q: If you had Covid then get both vaccinations and booster, are you more likely to acquire Covid again? Denmark, UK, Israel and New Zealand data indicates the double and triple vaccinated are more likely to acquire the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

48:20 Q: What about the Covid-recovered who then got the Covid shots? The shots actually narrow the immune response and their ability to fight the virus. This is experimental science. We’ve never done this before and we see concerning signals. Getting the shot after you’ve had the virus puts you at 2-4 times higher risk for adverse reactions (studies are cited by Dr. Cole).

50:52 Dr. Urso discusses how the shot blocks P53, the guardian of the genome, which means every time DNA damage occurs, DNA damage repair does not occur. This results in an uptick in cancers, increase in Epstein Barr virus, Herpes simplex, more shingles, and we see this already happening. Natural immunity does not bring along these concerns.

52:00 Discussion on legal backing of mandates and the harm being caused by mandated shots.

55:00 In data out of the UK and Scotland, there is a 52x increased mortality risk for children getting these shots compared to getting the virus. Dr. Urson points out these children were already at risk due to other health issues so that may be inflating the data.

56:00 Data from a hospital indicated that rates of hospitalization with Covid in the unvaccinated are much higher than in the vaccinated. The unvaccinated in hospitals are not Covid-recovered, except with Omicron which have been mild infections. However, in those countries tracking data on Omicron for double and triple vaccinated, the Omicron cases are more severe and causing death. Dr. Urson also mentions the death rates reported by an insurance company showing a 40% increase in deaths in ages 18-64 which has never been seen before.

59:00 Q: Are you saying that vaccines are not effective? Dr. Cole addresses this head-on saying “I’m not anti-vaccine, I’m pro-good science,” and he has great concerns with these experimental gene shots that have never before been used on humanity. As a doctor we pledge to first do no harm. When Pfizer data started rolling in and we have over 1200 deaths in Month 1 of the rollout with Covid vaccines, we should have pulled this out of the market. He speaks to the clinical trial numbers that indicate fraud. He also mentions the stock pull-back for both Pfizer and Moderna, indicating that investors are starting to see what’s been going on.

1:00:55 Dr. Urso explains that the lipid-nano-particle platform has been used for other purposes. He used it in carrying chemotherapy to the brain and the eye. The LNP’s are like garlic, they go everywhere. He’s against the technology platform of mRNA vaccine because it’s carried in a lipid-nano-particle that you cannot control. It will go to the brain, the ovaries, the adrenal glands, everywhere. This spike protein is the most toxic component of this virus and the LPN will take it to every part of the body.

1:02:15 Q: I’m concerned that what you’re saying is that Covid vaccination is not effective? Dr. Cole explains further why he can say with certainty that now based on the new variants that these shots are not effective.

1:03:36 Dr. Urso explains that early it was showing some effectiveness, but we are seeing more deaths in 2021 and more other serious health concerns, so we should be cautiously moving forward. If you look at true data from England (which we can’t see in the US because the CDC decided to stop tracking data here in May, 2021 for no known good reason), we see the triple vaccinated are dying at high rates.

1:04:30 Q: Can you simplify and say that Covid-19 vaccines were somewhat helpful for the original virus, not effective for the Delta variant, and harmful for Omicron? Dr. Cole says to a degree but to the neglect of recognizing natural immunity early on and ignoring and suppressing early treatments while opting for a shot in the middle of a fast-spreading virus. He shares his calculation of 0.3 to 0.5% decrease in hospitalization and severe cases during the original strain of virus.

1:07:05 Q: Can you explain what a hyperimmune response looks like in terms of what a patient experiences? Dr. Urso says it looks like death. You see a spike of deaths in the first few days after vaccination. Dr. Cole explains that in non death cases, hyperimmune response to vaccination shows up as an increase in neurological conditions, autoimmune disease, bowel disease, fatigue, inability to function. It looks like multiple moderate-to-severe illnesses appearing after the first, second or third shot.

1:10:00 Q: Can we get rid of the vaccine or is it in our bodies forever? The good news is that the majority of people don’t have these side effects, despite the alarmingly high numbers we are seeing for a vaccine. If we are exposed to another Coronavirus, our body’s immune memory can cause problems in response, and that’s concerning, but we just don’t know yet. We can’t get rid of the vaccine’s effects, but we can optimize our immune health.

1:11:57 Q: If what you doctors are saying is true, why aren’t we saying this out of Washington, from Dr. Fauci? (laughs and quiet shouts throughout the room) Dr. Urso explains that the agencies receive funding from big pharmaceutical companies, so the health agencies become politicized by outside influence.

1:13:20 Dr. Urso speaks on the concerning signs of reverse transcription, which indicates this treatment becomes a permanent part of your genome. This is a dangerous platform (mRNA) and has promise but he fears we’ve moved too quickly.

The Tennessee bill moved on to the full Health Committee and is scheduled for further process on March 9, 2022.

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