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From Backyard to Boat

An inside peek into Dr. Cole's personal side

On January 16 2023, this casual conversation between Dr. Ryan Cole and host of the Rumble channel, The 5th Doctor, Dr. Sam Dubé, turned into a public one when Dr. Cole encouraged Dr. Dubé to click “record” and share. This conversation shows the background, interests, motivation, and conscience that propels Dr. Cole’s life and work. Time stamps below.

5:00 Boundary waters and building wooden boats

12:00 The story behind Dr. Cole’s sale of his diagnostic lab in 2022

19:10 Medical school journey

22:00 Compassion of nurses and nurse practitioners like Dr. Cole’s wife

25:50 True stories of those inside medicine

27:45 The path to pathology

39:25 Why the name The Fifth Doctor for Dr. Dube’s show

41:10 The start and growth of Cole Diagnostics

54:00 What’s important NOW to Dr. Cole

59:00 Dr. Cole’s personal weight loss and journey to health


1:04:00 Organic farming and community wellness

“Real life happens in person.”

1:08:30 Parenting and teaching

1:14:15 Thoughts on wood and sunlight; climate change and the WEF

1:23:50 "Life is a story" and international travels

1:36:00 Freedom, Family, and the Good Life through community

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