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Greg Hunter Probes the Mind of America’s Pathologist | USAWatchdog

In early June 2022, Dr. Ryan Cole reports he is still seeing increased cancers, excess mortality, many autoimmune conditions, clotting, and heart conditions especially in children. He explains how this Covid-19 “vaccine” product goes into the body and turns the body’s cells into a cell toxin factory. The spike protein circulates in the body and causes wreaks havoc. This interview with's Greg Hunter reveals the multitude of issues Dr. Cole and other physicians see as the Covid vaccination campaign rolls on. See time stamps below.

Time Stamped Video Interview

3:00 Discussion of famous unexplained deaths including those among healthy athletes and firefighters. Do the Covid shots cause these deaths? The shots were never modified with the variants. Walgreens and Good Morning America reported concerning data around boosters causing immune suppression. A new syndrome called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is being reported. Dr. Cole dispels the myth that vaccine adverse reactions are limited to the time immediately after injection. These gene products do not break down and they create spike protein that persists in the body up to 15 months, potentially causing ongoing damage. Italy and India smartly say no more mandates, but the USA bewilderingly continues to mandate these shots.

7:09 Dr. Cole talks about the vicious attacks he faces from the media, and his plans to take legal action against those defaming his character. He’s lost some of his largest clients because he’s “too controversial.” Dr. Cole is reporting what he sees, and all over the world, other physicians are telling him they see the same. He sees what’s happening and he’s trying to protect humanity, at great personal cost to his business and livelihood.

“The cells don’t lie; the blood patterns don’t lie; the dead people don’t lie.”

11:55 Cancers are not considered vaccine injuries, yet Dr. Cole is seeing concerning signals. Initially after the vaccine shots rolled out, Dr. Cole saw a huge increase in certain cancers but that has somewhat normalized. Now he’s seeing a 2-3 times increase. His observations were corroborated by the Department of Defense DMED data. The suppression of the immune system gives rise to these cancers. The shots also induce DNA damage and inhibit DNA repair. Dr. Cole says he’s read a multitude of peer-reviewed papers discussing the mechanisms by which this happens.

15:18 If you’re double-vaxxed and boosted, are you in trouble? There are people assessing the different batches, or lots of “vaccines,” which give us hope that perhaps not all people got the same harmful product. These are gene products, requiring much more robust testing than what actually occurred. Dr. Cole wants people to be cautiously alert. Dr. Cole discusses why vaccines don’t work against fast-mutating spike protein viruses like HIV or Corona viruses.

We are using a dangerous gene-based product. We’re seeing damage; auto-immune disease, and deaths from all causes at higher rates. And the people who took the shots have narrowed their immune response so they may continue to get Covid over and over and over. Also after booster 3 or 4 you see high-zone tolerance where the body gets tired of mounting any response to the virus. As the CDC plans to give more Covid shots, Dr. Cole says we are harming the immune health of the world.

20:00 Dr. Cole suggests we are just at the beginning of a potential wave of health concerns for those who took these “vaccines”. His colleague Geert Vanden Bossche agrees and sees grave danger for what’s ahead. If you’ve taken a Covid shot, don’t take another one. We need to come up with a way to take care of individuals who have been harmed. offers protocols to help the injured.

21:43 Does Dr. Cole concur with doctors who say the lipid nanoparticle shortens life? The lipid nano-particle alone is toxic and was designed to take chemotherapy to the brain. We wonder why people experience brain fog. Dr. Cole says the lipid nanoparticle plus mRNA that cannot be turned off is a nuclear bomb platform and we don’t know long term outcomes. Why are so many other viruses causing problems right now, like RSV in kids in the summer? Immune suppression is evident and we have no long term safety information.

26:45 Are pharmaceutical companies now marketing products for diseases that they knowingly caused with these products (HIV, shingles, heart inflammation)? Dr. Cole thinks so. He says they knew in advance. Is there malicious intent? Dr. Cole says he cannot prove this, but it's hard to explain all the harm without anyone trying to stop this, including both parties politically.

31:15 Why is the strange clotting happening? Dr. Cole doesn’t do much autopsy cutting, but he reviews some tissue from others in the post-mortem industry. In the Covid-vaccinated, he sees all organs being damaged more severely than those who have a natural Covid infection. The shots are creating chronic issues.

34:40 More pathologists need to be doing this work to investigate tissues and help study the outcomes from these mRNA shots. Doctors are afraid to speak up because they may lose their jobs or their licenses. Silence is compliance, per Dr. Cole. He says it’s time to speak up! Even the science publications are captured, and the data in the tables doesn’t match the summaries in the medical papers!

“There is so much harm being caused by a system that is hypnotized. It’s fascinating that if you go back and look at the historical precedent, whenever a communist revolution happened, they always started with healthcare.”

Nobody is getting fully informed consent. Dr. Cole calls for all who are participating in this grand charade to be held accountable.

40:45 Dr. Cole does think we will see premature death in a lot of people. He is a cautious optimist. We won’t know until the passage of time.

42:10 Let’s help people. Dr. Cole discusses many different treatments that work. Ivermectin, dandelion root, nigella sativa (cumin black seed oil), and fenofibrate which can block spike binding. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help with heart conditions. Dr. Cole says there isn’t just one pathway for treatment and wellness, and he shares many suggestions.

47:43 The difference in spike proteins from the shots vs. the natural infection; what we know and what we don’t know. Hunter poses questions around the lipid nanoparticle. Dr. Cole explains the good news and bad news around this substance which is contained in the “vaccine” products.

51:00 The trendline for injury and death caused by the “vaccines” is going up, and will be confirmed by Ed Dowd and others who share data.

52:55 Hunter and Cole posit on whether the people in power are actually getting these Covid shots. Should people push to get autopsies for an unexpected death? YES. These autopsies should perform spike protein assays on every organ for every unexpected death, especially in younger people. Dr. Cole calls out the corruption of federal funding around Covid-19. Hunter suggests that historically fraud ends quickly, and the data from the Pfizer data dump is pointing strongly in that direction.

Dr. Cole helps lead the Global Covid Summit alongside other physicians to bring integrity to the Covid-19 issues. offers a secure platform for the vaccine injured to interact, along with helpful resources and events.

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Melissa Costin
Melissa Costin
Jun 11, 2022

excellent discussion, very clear, honest and accurate. Very true re bravery needed to expose a massive grift. Thanks for being a leader in exposing the damage done to the human race.. good if we could get charts on age stratified breast cancer incidence year on year with vaccine status to check that indicator.. I'm watching from Brisbane Australia just after Supreme Court Hearing re jab mandates for Ambulance, Police etc job losses. Expert was Dr Petrovitz who was dismissed by Crown as Conspiracy Theorist for suggesting the TGA ( our FDA) was acting as an unaccountable authority about all law.. Judge was dispoointed by lack of hard evidence vs opinion from experts provided.. massive trial wrt ability of State to…

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