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Houston, We Have a Problem

As a key member of the Global Covid Summit team, Dr. Ryan Cole shared his insights with the packed crowd in Houston, Texas. Per usual, Dr. Cole served up his knowledge of Covid-vaccine impacts in bite-size pieces, with a side of humor and heart. Wait until you meet his furry friend and hear his accent!

The final presentation of the day involved a stageful of physicians answering questions from the audience. Click on the image below and use our timestamps to find relevant portions of Dr. Cole’s talk, or listen in its entirety from the EpochTV website, which also shows the speaker lineup. Find more information here on the Mission, Members, and Events held by the Global Covid Summit.

2:53:40 Dr. Cole is introduced by Dr. Richard Urso

Did you know? This website is the only place Dr. Cole is showing up online! The accounts on Gettr and Telegram are fake accounts where someone else is using Dr. Cole’s picture and name. Please report these as fake.

2:59:50 SPIKE protein is a toxin.

3:00:30 Slides of tissues and blood without the vaccine compared to with Covid injection.

3:01:10 Myocarditis slides including autopsy slides. Half of myocarditis is silent but dangerous.

3:02:40 Brain impacts of Covid and the vaccine. Discussion of impacts on mitochondria.

3:04:25 “What We Don’t Know” about Covid shots because studies were not carried out.

3:05:00 Menstrual challenges and ovary impacts for females with Covid vaccines.

3:06:35 Why Dr. Cole has been sounding the alarm about these shots and cancer concerns.

“I saw an uptick in endometrial cancers, and I’m still seeing it! What’s even worse is I’m seeing it take off like wildfire. I’ve talked to 3 people who’ve approached me today whose family member got the third shot and their stable cancer is now stage 4, everywhere I go, person after person... Stable, steady [cancer] treatments that were working, and now their cancer is a wildfire; everywhere I go I’m hearing this. The shot puts those immune cells to sleep.” ~Dr. Ryan Cole

3:09:09 Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) numbers showing alarming increase in diseases since mandatory vaccination required for Covid and the changes made in the data.

3:11:00 Study from the Netherlands explaining the effects on the immune system and the linked concerns for our world’s children.

3:12:50 P53 Genome and the spike’s impact

3:13:50 Lymphoma slide

3:14:00 Pseudouridine and its breakdown; Crunchy, organic, naturally-minded people need to pay heed to this product.

3:15:20 If you already got a shot, don’t take another one.

3:16:20 Lipid Nanoparticle Risks

3:18:00 Risks of synthetic mRNA plus Lipid Nanoparticles = novel, unproven, dangerous platform

3:19:00 Clotting abnormalities resulting from Covid vaccines

3:20:40 Media lies in headlines about clots and strokes and heart attacks


3:21:57 Other countries stopped vaccinating children for Covid

3:24:50 Nobody of any age should be getting a Covid shot now. The shots enhance your risk of getting the disease, not preventing it.

3:26:50 STAND UP! You can reject fear and we should all reject fear.

3:30:10 Resources for you and Panel Q&A

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