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Idaho's Capitol Clarity forum invites Dr. Ryan Cole to present Covid 19 update

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Idaho's Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin introduces Dr. Cole to a public crowd gathered in Boise, Idaho to present his message on what the Treasure Valley community can do in living with the virus. He discusses the Delta variant, the data for highly vaccinated countries, and what can be done to best prepare us for continued spread.

Dr. Cole shares slides and data around what's going on with the new Delta variant of Covid 19. He shares his new collaboration with physicians and medical scientists from around the world to come together, share information, and together find the best path forward to help people face and defeat Covid 19. He entertains questions from the audience at the end of his presentation.

"We need to reset. We are in a 1776 moment. It’s time to rethink where we are. As my wife said, 'The hospitals are full. Patients are dying. Staff is leaving. Delta is escaping the vaccines. Something has to change.'"

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