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Is Covid Political? Desperation is the Last Gasp of Tyrants | Document Specials Interview

While in Norway for a medical conference, Dr. Cole was interviewed by Rebecca Mistereggen of Document Specials on 11/22/2022. She “goes there” with her questions, asking about the political tie-ins with Covid and the law passed in California stating that doctors who don’t follow the given narrative could lose their medical licenses. We’ve documented the topics below with time marks.

Questions posed to Dr. Cole:

Opening remarks and questions around the political nature of Covid policies

5:55 Medical Censorship in Australia – what do you see happening there?

9:00 What do you say to the claims that you are a conspiracy theorist and your claims are bogus? What’s in it for you?

13:05 What made your alarm clock go off?

23:10 Where is the data showing this mRNA vaccine is safe and effective?

25:50 Was it okay when they started mixing the vaccine brands with multiple shots? Do they have data to support that?

27:15 Why do you call these “vaccines” the Clot Shot?

29:00 How can you tell that the damage being done is the “vaccine” and not the actual virus?

30:30 Do you think this virus was leaked from the lab?

33:15 How do you tell the spike in the virus vs the spike in the shots?

35:00 Our government denies any rise in cancer from this “vaccine” so why do you say this is happening?

44:00 This information can be very overwhelming to someone who got these shots. What do you say to someone who got these shots and now learns of these issues?

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