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Jan Jekielek probes the heart and mind of Dr. Ryan Cole on American Thought Leaders

This conversation contains insights you haven’t yet heard from Dr. Ryan Cole. He covers his decision process to get involved in Covid-19, more details about his lab findings, what he sees happening in the medical community and our public health systems, and more details on how the immune system is impacted by the Covid-19 mRNA injections (vaccines). He shares what changes he would like to see us make moving forward from this pivotal moment in history.

If you are an Epoch TV subscriber, you can see the full video conversation here.

Otherwise, enjoy and learn while listening to the podcast in its entirety. Time stamped notes are below for your ease in navigation and for keyword search. You'll find a video clip half way down this page.

0:55 What purpose did the Defeat the Mandates rally serve? How did you become the MC of the event?

2:38 It’s not obvious how you’ve gone from diagnostic work to now being on stage in front of the Lincoln Memorial? What is your background and what did you work on that led you to this moment?

4:25 How long have you practiced and how many patients have you seen in the lab?

4:35 Coronavirus comes around in early 2020, so how did you get involved?

5:45 Dr. Cole discusses how he got involved with his lab doing testing and what he saw happening among decision makers in public health.

6:40 Tale of two ships and how Covid-19 played out in the passengers on those ships.

7:40 True rate of infection case fatality rate was very clouded in the public data, so panic and scare seemed to be government policy.

9:00 Dr. Cole observed the patterns in the lab early on and saw the mismatch in our reactions and approach to the virus in public policy.

9:45 How did you land on the public scene? Dr. Cole shares his experience of treating his first Covid patient - his own brother, his early advice to his lab patients, and how he was invited to the Idaho statehouse to make a lunchtime presentation. That presentation was recorded and went viral and led to many other invitations to speak.

13:05 So you started treating Covid patients? Dr. Cole explains his calling as a physician to help, and the journey toward getting more involved with patient care. He describes why the early treatments make sense and work. He’s treated 350 to 400 patients for C-19 and nobody has gone to the hospital.

15:30 Let’s discuss the value of Vitamin D. Dr. Cole discusses why it’s so important (not just for Covid!) and explains what people can do.

22:00 (Video clip above) In terms of patterns, what else did you see? Strange skin biopsies came in showing Molluscum contagiosum in elderly, when it generally is seen in children. He questioned immune dysregulation based on those patterns and his studies. Thicker melanomas followed. Then other cancers. All science starts with an observation. Other doctors reached out to him saying they too are seeing this. Dr. Cole explains the immune system and why the Covid injections are creating complications.

31:00 Dr. Cole discusses that the federal agents were choosing not to do autopsies or fund certain research, all while claiming these products are safe and effective.

31:42 We are sounding the alarm because in many people these Covid-19 vaccine products are not safe and not effective. In addition to cancers, we see laboratory patterns like elevations in clotting factors persisting for a long time post-vaccine. We should be comparing Covid-recovered patients to the Covid-vaccine patients. These shots were never modified from the original gene sequence, so these variants are not covered by the vaccines.

32:50 Pathologists are the first to see when something is awry in a general population.

33:50 What studies should be prioritized by the USA? We should immediately have statistical analysis for cancer by diagnostic code by age for the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated compared to 2019 data as a control group.

36:00 All mRNA vaccines are using the spike protein. Dr. Cole discusses the problems that ensue.

39:10 The second study I would do in the USA is an analysis of all-cause deaths in all age groups and stratify by vaccination status.

40:00 The spike protein is toxic and circulates throughout the body for weeks to months after getting injected. Dr. Cole discusses why deaths or adverse effects could be mechanistically associated with the Covid shots even when they occur several weeks to months after vaccination. We should be studying genetic disposition to Long Haul Covid symptoms and vaccine injury.

42:11 The danger of the government agencies and pharmaceutical companies intertwining dependence on each other and how that affects good science.

43:00 Some of these studies should be done urgently with data that already exists.

44:00 The data and information should be made transparent and available.

47:08 Why are the mandates tying into potential conflict of interests? First, Dr. Cole believes in freedom of bodily autonomy. Even if these products were safe and effective he would be against mandates because your body is yours. Secondly, these products are experimental. You must have informed consent and you cannot have that with experimental products being mandated. Third, basic science should prevail and these shots do not cover the current variants and the risks of the shots outweigh any benefit.

49:30 Discussion of VAERS purpose and applicability and its relevance in light of data in other parts of the world.

53:11 How does mutation of the virus factor into what we should be doing? We cannot chase a coronavirus with a vaccine. Dr. Cole expands.

57:38 How has business been since you’ve come into the spotlight? Dr. Cole discusses the many attacks and business changes he’s faced since speaking out.

58:40 Why do you think there are so few doctors looking at things the way you and others at the event are? FEAR. Dr. Cole explains what is really happening in the medical community and why so many stay silent.

1:01:10 If you have a magic wand to help develop policy, what would you like to see change? Public health should be about health; government should not be involved in citizen medical care; doctors should be allowed to be doctors; protect the children.

“The fabric of a society is measured by how we treat our children.”

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