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Mass Covid Vaccination: Poor Policy Based on Poor Science | The New American

Dr. Ryan Cole was among the first American physicians who openly warned that the Covid vaccines may be associated with elevated cancer rates, based on observations in his lab in Idaho and his understanding of how these products interact with the immune system. The emerging scientific and real-world data suggest that the doctor was right.

In this interview with The New American’s Veronika Kyrylenko, Dr. Cole explains the mechanism of the Covid vaccines damaging the immune system, which is responsible for keeping cancer growth in check. Additionally, Dr. Cole mentions the recently published studies that reveal the negative efficacy of the Covid-19 shots. Dr. Cole once again strongly warns parents against vaccinating their children and advises people to forgo any additional Covid shots.

Dr. Cole’s essential tips for healthy living include:

  • Don’t take another shot.

  • Cut sugar and processed foods; Improve your diet.

  • Increase Vitamin D, K2 and Magnesium to optimize your immune function.

  • Sleep.

  • Get outside in the sunshine.

  • Reconnect with your community, spend time with friends and family, and laugh!

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