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Medical Deception Exposed | 2 Part Interview on Keep the Republic with Daniel Bobinski

January 24, 2023

Keep the Republic host Daniel Bobinski interviewed Dr. Ryan Cole -- "a highly sought-after truth speaker from Idaho who is unabashedly bold," per Bobinski. You can view both Part 1 and Part 2 of this interview on the Keep the Republic website.

Dr. Cole speaks about the lack of data used to make decisions about Covid and its mutations – and the lack of safety studies for the newly developed gene therapy mislabeled as a vaccine.

In addition to exposing the current medical deception, this interview contains resources to help families secure health and safety in the future. Per Bobinski's site, the World Health Organization, Bill Gates, and Johns Hopkins University have conducted yet another tabletop exercise to coordinate for another specific plandemic in the coming years.

Want a free transcription of this entire interview?

Visit You can get both a free eBook and a free subscription.

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