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Medical Roundtable Discussion Allows Physicians to Share Unfiltered Covid-19 Experience and Science

Host Daniel Boblinski with The Voice of Conservative Values facilitated the panel of Idaho doctors, asking popular questions submitted by citizens, and covering a wide range of topics around Covid-19. Dr. Ryan Cole participated alongside his local peers, all independent physicians:

Dr. Karladine Graves, Family Medicine

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Elisa Peavey, Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Vicki Wooll, Family Medicine

Time stamps are provided for your ease in finding information, as this terrific discussion ensued for over an hour and a half.

4:30 Can someone get Covid-19 twice?

6:10 Dr. Cole explains this is rare per the studies, and the best way to protect yourself is adequate Vitamin D.

9:20 Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) and the pattern of this with all Coronaviruses

13:56 Can ADE or a hyper-inflammatory response be delayed? Yes, by a few months or a few years.

14:50 If someone didn’t have a reaction to a Covid-19 vaccine right away, are they in the clear? The honest answer is that we don’t know because of no long term studies, but this nuanced discussion is important for understanding the reason for concern.

17:30 Discussion around these vaccines and any cancer link.

“‘We don’t know,’ is the honest answer, but we see clinical signals that are concerning.” says Dr. Ryan Cole

21:20 Have any of you seen what’s in the vaccines?

23:30 If someone takes a Covid-19 vaccine, what can they do to ameliorate the impact of the injection?

24:40 Discussion on cannabis oil and other natural remedies

26:40 How do we know these injections are going to be so bad? What really makes you think these may be so bad? Dr. Cole discusses the history of other coronavirus vaccines and animal trials that did not go well.

“To require something for which we don’t have long-term safety data and for which the side effect is death and to ignore natural Covid-required immunity is scientifically incoherent!” asserts Dr. Ryan Cole

28:10 The Medicare data shows an alarming number of deaths within two weeks of vaccination. These doctors discuss the issues around transparency with data from the public health establishment and the medical community.

32:10 Vaccination concerns for the younger population and the grave concerns based on data in children.

34:00 Fertility concerns

36:00 We do not know the long-term effects! Why would we do this to our kids? We need to fight this.

37:08 Pregnancy and vaccination

37:50 Lack of compassion from physicians toward unvaccinated and the alarm it should sound. Medical treatment has never been filtered based on behavior or choice.

40:10 Remdesivir discussion and the dangers if given after day 3 of Covid-19 infection, yet the hospital protocols handed down from the agencies include this drug which is harming people when given late.

44:45 Monoclonal antibodies and the need for multi-drug approach

48:20 What can people do for early treatment for a Covid-19 infection? Lengthy discussion on early treatment protocols and dosages using several different medicines and supplements. Aspirin is crucial because Covid-19 is a clotting disease.

51:40 Some hospital pharmacies are withholding Vitamins D, C, and Zinc from patients.

59:10 What is happening with care and treatment in our hospitals? What are your legal rights and actions if needed?

1:08:20 Testing for Covid-19 and its reliability

1:11:20 Discussion of nebulizing or gargling options to kill virus

1:17:25 Censorship and the media presents difficulties in getting information out to the public.

1:20:40 Medical care and its connection to our constitution in pursuit of LIFE, liberty and happiness.

1:23:10 Pharmacy control and blockades to care and why this is happening

1:27:15 Masks -- do they work?

“I think we need to make Orwell fiction again.”

1:30:40 Each doctor gives a KEY MESSAGE to the public around Covid-19 including these ideas:

  • Early treatment

  • Pay attention to your nutrition, sleep, exercise

  • Informed consent is necessary

  • Mandates are criminal

  • Community is key

  • Pray and repent if you believe in God - Dr. Wooll

  • FEAR is driving poor health - stop watching TV

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4 commentaires

Heidi Ziegler Gries
Heidi Ziegler Gries
28 oct. 2021

Excellent!! I need all the vitamins written down. This was wonderful information

29 oct. 2021
En réponse à

You can find Dr. Cole's recommendations for immune health on the Covid Care page under Prevention by clicking the arrow for the pdf file.


28 oct. 2021

Do you have a protocol for post-covid? How long do natural antibodies last?

29 oct. 2021
En réponse à

If you need Long-Haul Covid help, you'll find resources on the Covid Care page of this site. Otherwise, you can find the immune health information Dr. Cole recommends in the Covid Care prevention section by clicking the arrow for the pdf file. The range for natural antibodies lasting varies by person and situation.

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