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Musician Brad Skistimas and Dr. Ryan Cole | The Shannon Burke Show

April 3, 2023

Dr. Ryan Cole appears with fellow dissenter Five Times August vocalist Brad Skistimas to share the crowd Resilience tour message, bringing hope and awareness to those feeling duped by mainstream media and medical messages. Shannon Burke hosts this radio show, daring to call out the lies and trickery of legacy media.

Some interesting points noted in this conversation:

  • Around 3,000 peer-reviewed articles in the medical literature point to harms of the Covid shots

  • Media puts out the wrong information knowingly and by the time the truth comes out it doesn’t matter anymore because of confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance

  • Excess all-cause mortality data will have to be publicly announced because the numbers don’t lie

  • Most developing nations are turning against these Covid shots because they are not beholden to pharmaceutical products and profits

  • Dr. Cole talks about the inspiration behind the #crowdRESILIENCE movement started by Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg, a resilience coach in Austria who created mass peaceful demonstrations against draconian Covid policies

  • Brad talks about his musical journey where he expressed his opinions and activism through lyrics, and the change in his fan base as he became bolder

  • At 39:30, Brad plays Silent War, the title track on his recent album

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