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Points to Ponder from a Pathologist’s Perspective

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Dr. Ryan Cole spoke at the 78th meeting of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). He shared his Ten Posits in Ten Minutes covering an array of scientific topics from his specialty in pathology. He closed out his remarks with a strong call to all doctors to stand up and do what is right.

Click the image to open up the presentation in a new browser window:

Highlights shared:

  • Can SARS CoV2 virus be cultured? Dr. Cole says yes and gives sources.

  • Testing related to Covid-19 - proper technique is shown for the PCR nasal swab. Also, Dr. Cole gives his take on how we could be taking a better approach to testing, instead of overusing testing. He also talks about T Cell testing.

  • What do we know about Delta variant? He explains how it’s different than the original strain.

  • Where are all the Autopsies? Dr. Cole expresses his frustration that we aren’t doing more autopsies, and that good science requires it.

  • Vaccine Safety? Dr. Cole shares the updated VAERS data alongside the death rate graphs of these investigational vaccines next to other vaccines, showing the alarming safety record.

"If you’ve had Covid, you do not need a shot! We are putting people at risk by not testing before these shots."

He shows what should be checked before getting a Covid vaccine:


Sedimentation rate

C reactive protein HS




  • Dr. Cole suggests data supports immune dysregulation post shot/post virus.

  • Where did the flu go? Dr. Cole touches on this.

  • Are we seeing Antibody Dependent Enhancement?

  • Natural immunity is broad, durable, long-lasting, and far stronger than a vaccine immunity.

“A vaccine mimics a portion of natural immunity. Why are we ignoring nature?”
  • Treat early, do not wait! Dr. Cole shows slides of the various treatments being successfully used in Covid-19 patients when treated early.

Finally, Dr. Cole called on doctors defending other doctors. Are positions physicians share using the data appropriately labeled misinformation and disinformation? Dr. Cole suggests not, All is simply information which should be shared and then dialogue can ensue rather than labeling people.

"The truth will always prevail."

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