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Risks and Rewards of Truth-Telling With Dr. Joseph Mercola

In this must-see interview, Dr. Ryan Cole and famous internet physician Dr. Joseph Mercola pair up to share the hidden truths behind the Covid pandemic and the "vaccines". Dr. Cole shares some insights into his laboratory practice and the cost he's endured to share the science. These two brilliant practitioners share their research, their personal successes with natural remedies, along with lesser-known pharmaceuticals that can help you and your family no matter your status with regard to Covid or the shots. This article over on Conservative Playlist shares many quotes and details from the conversation. We've provided time stamps by topic below.

Time Stamped conversation:

13:30 Cole Diagnostics lab technician structure

14:15 Status of medical certifications and business due to Covid stance

18:00 Cancer increase and DMED database

24:45 Doctors and nurses corroborate cancer findings

32:40 All cause mortality concerns and actuarial reports in insurance companies

34:00 Walgreen’s data

35:30 Cardiac mortality and cancer mortality both increase with Covid shots

35:45 Persistence of spike protein, thus inflammation and toxicity

37:50 Description of the spike’s design

39:00 Covid shots are more dangerous than the Covid virus now

40:00 Spike in the shot does not match spike in the virus

42:10 Impurity levels of Covid shots at 50% and batching differences

45:00 Pseudouridine persists and causes problems

48:00 What about polyethylene glycol being used - is this a problem?

56:00 Heart attacks and stroke risks

59:00 Neurological issues including seizures, epileptic seizures, glioblastoma

1:01:50 Early onset dementia and prion disease

1:02:40 Fluvoxamine’s effectiveness and why it works well

1:04:00 Methylene blue and mitochondrial compositions and their role in fatigue

1:05:25 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (boosts mitochondrial function, decreases inflammation) and near-infrared light (triggers production of melatonin in your mitochondria)

1:09:05 Herpes family virus and reactivated mono, including MS patients

1:11:00 Fertility impact and dysregulation of ovarian cycles

1:16:30 Hypnosis-like effect of mindset and information war

1:18:00 Finding Dr. Cole and sharing vaccine injury information in the Global Covid Summit forum

1:21:30 Hope, kindness and love as we come together

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