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Ryan Cole, MD Joins Founder of Vaccine Safety Research Foundation in Covid Conversation

Steve Kirsch, founder and president of Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF) started the Covid early treatment fund along with seven companies totaling over 2 billion dollars in valuation. He is currently working with over 20 scientists, doctors, and statisticians researching the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines. Steve shares his story of “drinking the Kool-Aid” and taking the Covid vaccines early on. He had several close friends who were impacted directly by vaccine death and injury immediately after taking the Covid vaccine so he started researching. His research led him to break up with the “safe and effective” narrative. Steve started this organization to get the word out. He writes a terrific Substack column you can check out here.

Dr. Cole shared a slideshow with his remarks on the data and science around Covid-19 and the vaccines.

8:15 VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) data discussion with Steve’s comments, including that the numbers are under-reported by a factor of 41, so multiply the numbers by 41 to come to the more accurate counts of adverse events. Dr. Cole also mentions that reporting unfounded cases to VAERS is against federal law and can result in imprisonment.

12:45 How long the spike protein circulates and how that can cause health issues and death months after the shot is given. The CDC cannot find a causal link between the shot and death, yet the data clearly shows the relationship.

14:55 Screening before vaccine is crucial to determine if someone is Covid-recovered. The concept of a shot in every arm is immunologically dangerous. Steve argues that no matter if you’d had Covid or not, you should NOT be getting vaccinated with these Covid shots because early treatments are the better option. Dr. Cole concurs and agrees with the risk for these vaccines being way too high for the benefit.

Steve’s research shows we kill 117 kids for every one child we save with a Covid vaccine. Dr. Cole discusses the myocarditis risk.

19:15 Immune dysregulation in response to the Covid shots. The danger is an increase in many other viruses and cancer with the immune system effect.

23:30 Pre and Post-Covid-19 Vaccination lab findings including the crucial benefits of Vitamin D

30:50 Dr. Cole discusses the lab tests that can show the before-and-after effects of the Covid-19 vaccines. Taking these labs before and after vaccination can provide documentation of changes in cases where an employee is being coerced into taking Covid vaccines.

32:56 The Spike as a toxin and what occurs in the body from the spike protein.

34:13 Dr. Cole discusses the menstrual disorders many women are experiencing.

34:26 Dr. Bruce Patterson is doing great work for Covid Long Haulers issues and can also benefit vaccine-injured patients since the mechanisms of action can be similar.

35:00 Q&A session with people online who submit questions

35:08 Why do the shots cause latent viruses to come out?

36:52 How quickly can a heart double in size post-vaccination with the myocarditis concerns?

37:50 What do you think of the Novavax vaccine?

42:50 Discussion of having early treatment on hand along and when at-home tests are useful and when they are ineffective

45:20 Boosters -- do they work?

46:35 What can people do about vaccine mandates? Dr. Cole recommends we fight! He explains in this segment.

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