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Ryan Cole, MD Speaks in Support of Truckers at Rally Stop in Indiana

Dr. Cole traveled from Idaho to Indiana to show his support for the truckers participating in the The People’s Convoy. He explains his personal connection to truckers and he admonishes these “red-blooded Americans” for being well-educated and informed on a variety of issues we face today. He dispels the stereotypes sometimes associated with blue-collar workers through heart-warming anecdotes of his conversations, and gives insight into the business and mechanical complexities of trucking life.

“These are good Americans, men and women of work ethic and integrity… they’re beautiful spirits, they’re beautiful people. They are doing what more Americans need to do and they’re inspiring us to stand up, and stand up in the right way for the right reason.”

Dr. Cole purports that some of these truckers know the medical literature better than many of his medical colleagues, due in part to the listening time they have on the road. Wherever he goes, people are sharing with him their personal accounts of harm caused by the experimental Covid shots. However, this convoy effort is not solely about the Covid vaccines, but about ending the emergency powers the government put in place two years ago that have restricted freedoms. Dr. Cole supports this peaceful freedom rally that unites all Americans, from a pathologist who spends his days in a lab in Idaho, to this diverse group of truckers who spend their lives on the road. Find more information here or here.

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