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Should Your Child Take the Covid Vaccine? No, And This is Why

Dr. Ryan Cole appears as a guest to the Hawaii Chapter of Make Americans Free Again ( to present evidence for harms being done by the Covid shots. This organization aims to take legal action to push back against tyrannical actions of the government through lawsuits across the country. This week’s call (posted 11/13/2022) discusses the CDC’s action to add the Covid “vaccine” to the childhood vaccination schedule without proper testing and despite harms.

The zoom call features several guest speakers including Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Stephanie Seneff and Steve Kirsch. The event was moderated by Dr. Christopher Lyden of the Hawaii Covid Vaccine Forum. This in-depth discussion covers all of the many reasons why you should not run out to get your kids “vaccinated” simply because the CDC said you should! Dr. Cole’s remarks start at 20:30 and finish up at 35:00.

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