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Should Your Children Be Injected With the Covid-19 Vaccines? These Physicians Say No

In this short video segment, Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Robert Malone discuss the specifics around the risks and benefits of vaccinating children.

Dr. Cole shares that the CDC’s own data shows as of June, 2021, 42% of USA children already had Covid. Delta swept through the country quickly so now our percentage of kids who have recovered is likely much higher. Why would we push a shot that can harm children in people who have already recovered and have natural immunity. Additionally, we see myocarditis, strokes, neurologic injuries, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and autoimmune diseases in the adverse event reports. In order to save 28-50 children with vaccination, data shows this will lead to 5-10,000 children having permanent heart damage for life. That makes no sense!

The pharmaceutical advertisements are playing with the minds of your children. Do we want to disable children for life? The S2 subunit of the spike binds to the gene called P53, the guardian of our genome. This controls our tumor suppressor gene. We could potentially be turning off the gene that suppresses cancer. We see an uptick of 0ther viruses because the immune response is being modified.

Dr. Robert Malone closed with these 3 key points:

1. There is no reason to vaccinate children.

2. Natural immunity is superior to vaccine induced immunity, full stop.

3. Don’t interfere with physicians who are providing life saving medications to their patients.

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Rachel Renee Howell
Rachel Renee Howell
Dec 12, 2021

Your words Bring me hope. God bless.

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