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Spike Leads to Smoldering Wildfire in Bodies of Covid Vaccinated | Steve Kirsch Interview

Let’s call this the “hallway interview.” Steve Kirsch caught up with Dr. Cole on 10/16/2022 to discuss the lab testing for Covid “vaccine” harms. Dr. Cole is currently the only US pathologist doing this analysis and risking his medical licensure and business relationships to talk publicly about his findings. In the first image below, we’ve linked the video interview. Additionally, see Kirsch’s substack article containing his additional comments and a robust synopsis of the interview at The Vigilant Fox’s substack.

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Nov 06, 2022

Dr. Ryan N. Cole MD; A true EXPERT, gentleman, and outstanding person of high integrity.!


Nov 02, 2022

Is there a way to detox/reverse the covid19 "vaccine" after being injected and boosted? Also, is there a way to counter the development of the fibrous "clots" from forming?

Nov 06, 2022
Replying to


I think you've just asked the million dollar question. Actually, if there were discovered a proven method of dissolving such fibrous clots safely, it would be worth much more than a paltry million dollars. But I'm just using the term, million dollar question to indicate that there is nothing as of yet discovered. The fibrous clots were just recently identified by their components. I was clueless to what those biological and chemical items were, but it was a list of 15 or so separate things.

I hope your inquiry was out of curiosity and not of necessity.


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