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Stop Covid Tyranny | The Patrick Coffin Show

Patrick Coffin dialogues with Dr. Ryan Cole on several topics of interest including:

  • Governmental and medical overreach

  • The Pfizer documents

  • What is happening in our medical schools

  • Why those taking Covid injections are more susceptible to acquiring Omicron

  • What is happening on a global scale with the World Health Organization’s recent proposals

  • Much more!

Listen to find out what events led Dr. Cole to realize that the health and safety of humanity were not being prioritized by our health agencies and leaders. Listen in full or find the topics that most interest you by using our time stamped questions below.

Time Stamped Questions:

1:28 If you go to Google and type in Dr. Ryan Cole, you’ll see what Big Tech and the Oligarchs have to say. Did you dream that you’d be in this crazy upside-down world let’s say three years ago?

2:55 It’s the refuge of someone who has run out of arguments to make ad hominem attacks against the person… It’s become hard to be a truth teller and not be tagged as the problem as whistleblowers always are. They always scapegoat the person pointing out the corruption rather than address the corruption. Is this right?

4:05 True or False? The mandates as such should never have been imposed and should end right now.

4:20 When I see men wearing face masks while alone in their car here in California, it’s not an overstatement to call this a delusion, is it?

5:51 Why is it that the double, triple, and quad-vaxxed with multiple boosters are the ones getting Covid?

7:57 And that’s why you call it “enhanced Omicron acquisition” because you are angling the chances that you’re going to get it if you’ve had the shot?

9:37 I have to assume that because the unvaccinated are not dropping dead or being injured, and the vaccinated are to an alarming proportion, this seems to explain why the government wants to make this great last push to narrow the proportion of the unvaccinated to as close to zero as possible so they can plausibly blame death and injuries on anything, whereas if you have a “control group” that aren’t vaccinated, then that’s very hard to explain.

12:17 I remember being sent to chicken pox parties as a kid to reach the finish line of immunity quickly. Dr. Cole discusses how we’ve harmed kids with our policies around Covid.

13:20 How do you explain Sweden (very open society)?

13:47 Do you think the FAA decision that was overturned by the federal judge (around masking in air travel) is an example of the leash being loosened in one area while being tightened in another? Is the temporary lifting of the mask thing part of an overall strategy in a 4D-chess- move-kind-of-way, make us more compliant for the next round that they surely have in the pipeline?

16:06 Do you think this is going to affect how doctors are trained? For those who are in medical school now, how has this changed things?

19:17 To call this evidence-based medicine is almost like a poker tell, you know what I mean?

20:35 It’s almost like science itself has become a dogma-based fundamentalist religion and people like you are heretics, because you are guilty of wrong thought. This has all been top-down, “tyrannical” evidence-based, maybe we should call it “finance-based”?

24:08 I like that approach that science is always working itself out, it’s evolving, so there’s a true sense in which we can say “science is wrong” without discounting the whole thing.

“There’s so much more that we don’t know than what we do know, and that’s the humility of science.”

25:50 Sometimes you look back at the books you read and the people that formed you, and some of them stand out as vindicated prophets. Patrick discusses Dr. Robert Mendelson who wrote 2 books of influence and he was talking about the caution around vaccines back in the ‘70’s. Dr. Cole discusses new learnings even for doctors like himself who think differently about what we’ve thought we’ve known for so long. He shares the importance of adapting our perspective.

27:45 I want to talk about data that we now know was withheld from the public; these are crimes, felonies to deliberately withhold data. I understand Pfizer has hired 600 more people to accommodate their own internal VAERS system to track vaccine injuries and death. What have learned or discovered about data being withheld from the public on the part of Big Pharma, which since 1986, is immune from any kind of liability and lawsuits?

31:15 The way I put it is that the devil always overplays his card. How else do you explain this Nina Jankowicz, this new Minister of Truth under Biden? It’s patently obvious that they are trying to tamp down dissent and disagreement, and whistle-blowers; George Orwell “Call your office”.

33:33 Let me ask you a personal question. When did your first “red-pill moment” happen? When did the lightbulb go off that we were being lied to on a massive scale? How early into this? Patrick explains he was a mask-wearer in the early months of Covid because he didn’t know.

35:38 I want to credit you publicly for being one of the first to stand up with a microphone and a camera and be filmed talking about this. I remember seeing a slide show you did in Boise pretty early on. Did you have a lot of other physicians and researchers quietly contacting you back-channel? This is a common thread where you have freedom fighters like yourself who want to exercise science and critical care for living patients and to keep them that way, and you have people high-fiving you privately, but they won’t support you publicly. Did you run into that?

38:40 Let’s close with something that might be the most shocking thing we hit and it’s something that’s going to be news to some people; one of the scariest Plan B scenarios that the oligarchs around the world through the World Health Organization (WHO) have planned. This IHR (International Health Regulations) amendment to take over individual nations’ constitutions and run the controls in the case of future pandemics is jaw-dropping. It sounds like I’m making it up. What is it and what do people need to know?

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