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The Cause of — and Solution to — the Pfizer Wave of COVID | Podcast #948 with Daniel Horowitz

Dr. Ryan Cole joins podcast host Daniel Horowitz on the Conservative Review to answer many common Covid 19 questions – from the cause of this latest wave of virus to the concerns that the vaccines are causing more blood clotting and potentially cancer in some people. He ends this spell-binding discussion by offering us a personal guide on how to prepare for COVID if we haven’t already been infected.

Dr. Cole discusses the early patterns he is observing in autopsied cells of the vaccinated individuals and the warning signs he sees. Mr. Horowitz clarifies how this is skewing the data being collected by agencies and reported by the media regarding the unvaccinated vs. the vaccinated hospitalizations and deaths. Dr. Cole also reports the early patterns he sees in post-vaccinated blood cells of the vaccinated which are dropping killer T cells which may invite other types of disease including cancer. He is encouraging colleagues to document the science of what they are seeing for better data on these concerns.

"The moment you're positive, if you're an adult and not allergic, take an aspirin every day for 28've got to stop the clotting and that clotting is what kills people."
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