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The Highwire Dives into Dr. Cole’s Laboratory

On 12/12/2022, Dr. Ryan Cole appeared on The Highwire as a special guest. Host Del Bigtree does not trust “experts” without his own deep dive into the information and data. He asked Dr. Cole to look at the contents of the Covid “vaccines” together. This video captures that exploration along with an examination of the strange clots being found. These two men wanted to make sure their approach represented true science and not sensationalism. Our time-stamped recap is shown below this fascinating video.

2:45 Welcome to Cole Diagnostics Laboratory, Del!

4:20 The spike protein is creating clotting, both from the virus itself and from the Covid injections. The persistence of the shots to continue to instruct the body to create this toxic spike protein is causing damage to the body. Dr. Cole shares many slides and studies to back his findings and concerns about the harms of the Covid injections. See the microscopy of the blood clots for yourself. These clots are not normal! Dr. Cole has never seen clots like these in 26 years of pathology work.

At the 27:30 mark, Dr. Cole takes us inside his lab where they investigate the contents of the Covid vaccines. 30:50 Moderna product. Pfizer at 31:48.

One main takeaway is that the manufacturing of these products seems totally inconsistent.

Microscopically, he sees stacked, layered cholesterol and NOT graphene, as others are reporting.

Contamination is evident. At 40:00 you’ll see the graph containing information on the metallic particles found in the vials.

“It’s (Covid vaccine rollout) truly been a wanton disregard for public safety…they should have put safety first.”

Concerned about polyethylene glycol? Dr. Cole discusses this at the 41:02 mark. He makes the point that we don’t normally inject it into our bodies, which can cause an immune response.

44:40 Did he find graphene oxide? No. None. Dr. Cole’s main point is there is lipid nano particle and a gene sequence that makes your body make a foreign protein. Those two things are necessary and sufficient to cause harm.

47:25 Is this a parasite? Watch to see Dr. Cole’s study of this scary looking figure.

Del and Dr. Cole put the Covid mRNA product directly into Del’s blood to examine clotting. Check it out at 50:35. If blood looked like this with a patient coming in, Dr. Cole would do testing for kidney disease!

Dr. Cole’s bigger concern is that the mRNA platform is being pushed for future products when it has not been properly studied for safety. We see enough things going wrong that the platform should be stopped. This gene product went through the vaccine committee when it should have gone through the gene committee to test for reproductive toxicity, genotoxicity, and immunogenicity.

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