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The Patrick Coffin Show: Podcast Episode 343 - Ending Long Covid Tyranny

Positioned as a great interview to share with skeptical friends and family, Patrick Coffin discussed these and other topics with Dr. Cole in his July 4, 2023 podcast, shared below:

  • How the “vaccinated” have damaged their natural immunity and enhance their Omicron acquisition vulnerability

  • Why all mandates must be stopped NOW

  • How we know masks don’t work and never have

  • When Dr. Cole knew this whole spectacle was a mainly a deception

  • Collecting your data, and not caring for your health, is the whole point of vax passports

  • How to encourage the vital 3% to stand up and fight against this bold tyranny

  • The urgent need to contract your local Congressman to defund the ridiculous Disinformation Governance Board of the United States Department of Homeland Security under Nina Jankewisc

  • Why we must STOP the World Health Organization from overtaking national constitutions and laws for future “pandemics”

Find more resources at Patrick’s website.

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